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Nalin Natarajan  You shouldn’t be looking but here I go! My Name is Nalin :D I’m 18 years old but mentally age is like 5 so yeah :P FIGHT ME!

Oreo shake in a flower pot 😂😂😂 #doubleroti

S-lap dance 🍑 @kishorekandasamy

That moment when you have a weird conversation with yourself 😂 @amy_0718 😂😂😂

It is time for chuck Norris fc ! Let's do this guys ,win or lose ! Don't lose hope !! Give it all your best till the end ! Love you guys ! #chucknorris #footballclub #captain #luckynumber3 @suri_to_cool_4_u @yogiii_oooh

BRIXXXYYYYY! <3 IM SO SORRY I DIDNT HAVE A PHOTO FREAKING AFTER CHANGING MY NEW PHONE I LOST IT ! Sorry yo ! But BRO !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY !IM SORRY ITS SO LATE BUT BETTER THAN NEVER RIGHT ? XP ! Bro you're one of the best football players I have ever seen xD And those FAKES OMG <3 xD !!!! And remember to shot after looking at the Angle theta xD ! Ik I might be a dick and scold you but it's all fun and game bro ! Gamers for lyf and how many ever times i tease you xD like "joke" and flirting and your fails its "actually dude actually" for fun yo ! and stop tickling me !! xD dont finish me ._. ! lel well i love you yo ! xD xD PEACE OUT SUCKER ! @diffusethrower4

You never know what's lurking around the dark😈 PC : @yogiii_oooh #darkness #blackpeople #toodark #nocurrent

Last year in SUTLEJ 😞 marching shield was ours <3#Thuglife <3 #BLEEDYELLOW #SUTLEJ #LASTYEAR #streakcontinues #6years !

Haircut 😭 #badhairday

Rss <3 with @yogiii_oooh and yes the person who hogged first is yogi XD #rss #sandwich #aftertution #yummy

Just a another day passing by :P @rae_216 approved selvi 👍 #selfie #afterschool #afterfootball

FOOTBALL ❤️❤️❤️ #football #selfie #rapuram

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