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E L L A 🌿  helping worriers realize they're warriors. you are safe here. you are needed here. yes, you ✨

Everything doesn’t happen FOR a reason. Everything happens BECAUSE of a reason. And that reason isn’t you. You are not all of the bad things that happen to you and you sure as heck aren’t responsible for all of ‘em either. You are good. And you deserve for good things to happen to you✨


Almost time for my nightly routine 😍😍😍


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Artwork via Haitian artist, @artofmere_. #MLKDay

My current mantra. I hope it’ll help you too ✨

All just depends on how you define "cool." To me, cool people have always been the ones who only engage in activities because they *want* to and not because they hope it'll help them appear cooler. So if you're spending your Saturday night at home because that's what you wanna do, then know that I'm saluting you from my bed because I’m actually too exhausted from being sick all week to hobble over to my couch 😂💖

Time to cancel all those pesky plans you made this week and hunker down with Netflix + some snacks. It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby 💖

((artwork via @frizzkidart))

I used to do something similar when I was in college.
Buuuuuut my version was emailing my professors and begging them not to force me to present projects/papers in front of the class because I had severe panic disorder at that time 😳😳😳
Never failed, either - they all let me make other arrangements + generally thanked me for being frank about my situation 🙌🏼💖

Yeah, I’m talking to YOU 💖