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Just a liiiiiittle too relatable. Back when I struggled with Panic Disorder, I know I would come across rude all the time but really I was DYING inside. Or at least that’s what my mind was telling me anyway: run, escape, get out of here, it’s not safe, this might be a heart attack, go-go-GO. I’d often be brief and shut people down, or get mad, just so I had a reason to flee the situation. Wish I’d had a pin like this to wear back then 😫💗 artwork via @makedaisychains

Then you’ve gotta mask the disappointment/panic in your voice when they answer. Goooood tiiiiiiimes, right?! 😬 *tooth shatters*

Remember these words the next time you notice you’re being hard on yourself for not being “there” yet. The lows are just apart of the path. via @alex_elle

Sunday nights are always the hardest for me, with the pressures of a new week looming overhead. Tonight I’m going to practice compassion for myself, take a shower by candlelight, sip on some lemon balm in water, and get to bed a bit earlier. Oh, and journaling! I seem to always forget about it, but it’s incredibly effective for quieting an overactive mind.
Anything else you’d recommend or that works well for you? I’d love to know (and I’m sure others would too) 💛

This is something that makes dating and friendships SO complicated for me. If they don’t text with any emotion then I just constantly think they hate me and I’m bothering them 😫 Does anyone else do this too?

Gearing up for the weekend liiiiiike... #socialanxiety

Anybody else? 😅

I don’t believe social media is inherently bad. It’s actually connected me to so many wonderful humans that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. But I do think it’s important to be accountable to ourselves and be conscious of how the accounts we follow make us feel.
Every couple months I go through every single account I follow and just see how I feel while looking at their content. If it’s bringing me down or just not doing anything for me, I unfollow.
Have you cleaned your list lately? I recommend documenting how many accounts you’re following pre-cleanse, so you can compare afterwards. 💛

If you could only pick one, which would you choose? 🤔

💛💛💛 via my new favorite @littlearthlings

This is a constant practice for me. I go for hour long walks by myself most days and when the weather’s nice like it was today, I pass A LOT of other people on the trail. And it’s times like that where I’ll really start picking apart my physical appearance, almost like I’m trying to guess every possible thing about myself that someone else might make fun of...and then essentially making myself feel badly about it first. Umm, not cool.
So tonight, when I noticed myself doing this, I just went really deep inside and thought, “You know what? What if I just get to be exactly who I am and look exactly how I look and not make any apologies for it?” I felt my shoulders soften and my spine relax immediately. It’s good to be me. And it’s good to be you, too - if you can just give yourself permission (if you haven’t already)✨✨✨ quote via @yung_pueblo

Whatever gets the job done 🙃

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