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Ella Endi 🌱🐢  helping worriers realize they're warriors. you are safe here. you are needed here. yes, you ✨

can i get a WHOOP-WHOOP?!? go watch my story, if you wanna see what i'm up to on this friday night ((here's a hint: 🍓🍫))

a love letter from my heart to yours, if you need one tonight 💛✨

in self-evolution's name we pray, amen✨

do you ever get mad at yourself for feeling anxious? try to bring in some compassion for yourself next time. it may change your life 🦋

you are a whole lot stronger than your inner critic gives you credit for. living with anxiety takes tremendous strength 💪🏼 and even if it's the kind that most other people can't see, i want you to know ✨you're doing great✨

"plz delete this number" 🙈

a little bit of love for you to tuck yourself into bed with tonight 💛


as a new week rolls in, and you begin to feel like you may crash, remember that fighting the wave will only exhaust you + create a sensation of drowning. but r i d i n g the w a v e will carry you back to safety.
honor your emotions + allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgment. things are bound to get a little rocky sometimes...but you are a force as strong as the sea 🌊✨

whatever your "this" may be- hold tight and remember why you're doing it✨

friendly reminder that self-compassion takes work. lots + lots of work, so practice, practice, practice. every. damn. day 🙌🏼✨

a wednesday morning reminder that's relevant 24/7/365. give your "grass" an opportunity to flourish - to be the best that it can be - by giving it the things it needs. your grass doesn't need to be perfect to be lovable- and it certainly doesn't need to be better than anyone else's. just take really good care of it and watch what happens 🌱✨

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