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peanut butter  [ae cc 18]

- a known baddie
(I'm sorry about this trash, I honestly don't have the time to make a better edit)
[dt:@twisteddaddy and @voidxscofield]

- WE LOVE 2 ICONIC MEN I'm such a trash for them omg
(not a ship edit + ik this is really rushed and ugly)
[dt:@inefaxble,@editsfornetflix,@ripperfangs,@elenasalvatoree,@opssalvatore and @evilherself(Jaye)]

- uhm. YES BITCH
[dt:@evmoiriety,@cutesyca and @galsedits]

-now I know why they tried to take away his armour I mean that's illegal
btw I'm proud of this so please don't let it flop
[dt: 'Mmmm M'baku Thicc🔥' gc, @a.esthetex, @starstiel, @starkosexual, @rdjthirst and @astrvphiles]

- they actually own me wow
I hope Insta doesn't make this off beat
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dis is a constant mood for me

- seductive god of thunder
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- where do I sign up?
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-finally some good fucking food
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- Cain hunney go stick your dick in someone else
[dt:@galsedits,@ripperfangs and @siredgilbert]

- he is just so soft I can't ugh
[dt:@moldblvst,@skyllae,@a.esthetex,@saintlocked,@cumberbatchvines,@ethrelia and @xmvlti]

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