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a thot  I use After Effects CC 2018, issa computer program married to @elenasalvatoree (ly wifey)

- stab me
[ac:unapologetic x on sc (edited)]
[dt:@xorphaes and @k.athvrne]

- the only YouTube kween I believe in
tag the kween please?

- hello, I'm hella horny
[ac:ninastxck on sc]
[dt:@elenasalvatoree, @ruevid.edits, @lcverkiller, @mysticdelxna, @aestheticdob and @darkestenergy]

- for those who said I should I edit Peter, this is the best ur gonna get
[dt:@starkfinity,@moldblvst and @stormschild]

- i don't express how much I love this family, uwu
[dt:@devxmp,@asstiel.dean,@xorphaes,@evmoiriety,@smithbutt,@darkestenergy,@kxstle_,@demonkru and @_siredtodamon]

-my fav grandpa

- i choked
a quick scrap bc I don't have time to make anything better
[dt:my wifey @elenasalvatoree]

- he can shoot 16 shots in me
[dt:@dcleur, @suiclld, @moldblvst and @starkfinity]

- he's so underrated it hurts
y'all already know my comeback edit had to be a hot one
[dt:@acontinum, @ruevid.edits, @nostalgized, @mysticdelxna, @crowvainx, @favrism, @theriverwolfs, @cumberbatchvines, @damonsalvain,@inefaxble, @scarletxflash, @demonkru, @regimechxlls,@jeffctkins and @smithbutt]

- issa messy collab part
I tried a different style
[dt:@dcleur ,@satvrnery bc it's for your collab lmao,@ruevid.edits and @webhead.s]

- maybe he snapped?
[sorry I'm not original]
[dt:my wife aka @elenasalvatoree and @petersragnarok]

- he owns all my uwus
issa scrap, don't judge
[dt:@acontinum, @pinkimisha, @suiclld and @pizzajxnkie]

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