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-city|damon|astrum🎄  [ae cc 18 + svp15] I have a serious daddy kink


- I can't get over how good Zac looks in a suit
(a messy ass scrap)
(actually the back story why I made this edit is bc me and my friend were talking how sexy guys in formal clothing are and then I showed her Zac at the Golden Globes and I was like "damn he's sexy af in suits, so I made an edit)
ac: _siredtodonovan
cc: mine
dt: @galaksius & @lunargilbert
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me @ mcu bc of Tony

- so where do I start really? well first I want to say that he has made a huge impact on my life in a good way and he has thought me a lot of things well I grew up watching watching him, I remember when I watched the first Iron Man with my dad, I didn't understand like anything but that didn't stop me from loving Tony Stark, he has been with all of us for amazing 10 years and I could never ever imagine a different Tony Stark. Thanks to Robert this amazing, caring and selfless character was brought to life and I'm very thankful for that, I love him and Robert so much it hurts just thinking that I'll never see Tony on my television screen, I'll miss him and he holds and always will hold a very special place in my heart, I love you Anthony Edward Stark and Robert Downey Jr, thank you for everything!
-also I would like to dt this edit to Cam and Lele without this man I wouldn't have met these two smol beans, love you two!
ac: mine(took me good 10mins)
cc: mine
cloud oc: celestielena
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-"I thought you said that you wanted me" "I do"
(issa scrap so don't judge)
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- he's so soft
Happy birthday Cam!!! I hope you have the best day of your life and you are officially old af now. I hope you like this edit and I love you sfm omg! You honestly mean so freaking much to me I'm so blessed I met you here and we literally stan the same people and I can trust you with anything and I know you'll never judge me and this edit is the smallest thing I could give you but yeah Happy Birthday, love you!
ac: mine(edited quite a lot)
dt: Cam and only Cam
some overlays by celestielena

- I just love Dean sm okay, bye!
ac: Ski Mask The Slump God - Catch Me Outside
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