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Celebrating the Equinox in dreamland, I couldn’t be more grateful for this beautiful life I have manifested. That is all.🏕🙏🏼🍂🌜🌲🗻

The heart is meant to be felt, not explained.

What a blessing it is to feel so deeply.
All of the heart breaks only allow me to open even more.
Protect myself from what?
All of this feeling?
What an utter joke.
That’s precisely what I came here to do.

A glorious transformation.
Just another way to dance,
to twirl around in circles.

A lot of great artists who died young lived their purpose on Earth in a short amount of time. They did what they came here to do, and their art will remain here forever for others to grow and be inspired and moved by.
So many people will say “What a tragedy for so and so to have died so young. They had so much more living to do. They didn’t even get a chance to have kids, a family, etc.” but listen that’s just not everyone’s purpose here.
We weren’t all meant for old age. We weren’t all meant to create a family. Some of us are here to paint. To invent technology. To play sports. To simply explore.
Whatever way one chooses to evolve and ascend while on Earth is not wrong. It’s simply another way of coming closer to Home. Some of us stay for a while, for many lifetimes. Some of us come and go quickly.
Regardless, we must walk with understanding hearts, open hearts, with a deep trust that it is all Divine and perfect. It could never not Be.

Something that I’ve been reflecting on due to the events, shifts, and revelations of the past week is our conditioned tendency to “fix” others who may be hurting.
I’m not quite sure how else to put this, but when I express sadness it doesn’t mean I’m asking you to “make it better”. If I needed help, I would ask. Just be with me right now. That’s the kindest thing you can do. Don’t attempt to change how I’m feeling. I promise, it’s not your job.
So many of us have been conditioned to try to “make it all better” for someone ASAP, and maybe sometimes that is the case. The person IS looking for someone else to lift them up.
But I also think it’s important to just honor how someone is feeling in the moment.
Let’s not try to make someone happy just because seeing them sad makes us feel uncomfortable or even guilty. It doesn’t need to be this way. Accept their sadness as part of the journey rather than viewing it as “wrong”. It’s not.
Maybe you can’t see it now but I know someday you will. The heart breaks that crushed you into a million pieces have been your greatest blessings. It’s okay to let go and crumble from time to time. Let what needs to die, die. Shed what needs to be shed. Stop resisting what hurts.
Give yourself the chance to feel what you need to feel without guilt or shame. Please. Give yourself an opportunity to rise like a phoenix from your own ashes. And give others a chance to do the same.
Being happy 24/7 is overrated. And god forbid, let’s not forget being “positive” all the time. It’s not about positivity, it’s about authenticity. Positivity doesn’t mean shit if you’re simply suppressing what needs to be felt. It’s merely an illusion.
So please: Just feel what comes, be observant of the lessons, and grow from them. All of life comes in cycles. Do not put pressure on yourself to always be happy. Just be. Be whatever you are right now. Because that is perfect.

‘The sun is shining, I can look at the horizon, the walls keep getting wider, I just hope I never find them.’

Mac reminded us to turn painful into graceful and I’m keeping it so close to my heart. There are suddenly so many lessons held within the month of September and Spirit, I am so open to them all and so grateful. If it hurts, it’s okay. Let it go. Trust the process.
If I could, I would express more of what I’m feeling but there aren’t many words up here. If you’re feeling it, you know.
I love you.
Take some of this desert sunset energy, there is plenty to go around.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been completely devastated the past couple days since Mac’s passing. I’ve been angry and confused, I’ve been crying on and off, and I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always kept death close by, honored it’s process, and accepted it’s transformation. I have lost people in my life and although it hurt I always understood and accepted it right away. This has been different. This is the first person who I didn’t “know” that has affected me so much with their passing. I felt like I knew Mac Miller more than some people I know “in real life”. He shared SO much of himself in his art. His growth over the past several years always felt so aligned with mine and I guess that’s why it hurts. He gave himself to the people around him through his words. He was raw and real and someone who has inspired me since high school. He was awake and he understood. He has for a long time. This doesn’t feel right to me but I’m trying to accept it. I wanted to share my feelings. It’s just that: When I feel someone I just really fucking FEEL them man. I feel them to my core. I feel them with the intensity of a thousand suns and I love them the same way. Distance has never been a factor, and art is one of purest forms of communication. My friend and I drove up the coast to Santa Barbara yesterday. We danced and sang to all the hits and talked about all the memories we had listening to the songs with the ocean in the distance. Even though my heart aches it feels full from celebrating as well. Some people share their art so beautifully with the world by being themselves authentically and Mac was one of those people. I always intend to be one of those people too. I think it is one of the most kind things we can offer and it is enough.

Adjusting to life in Los Angeles thus far has been quite intense for my sensitive lil’ Self so venturing off to beautiful places, places that are EMPTIER, is proving to be essential. Sometimes it seems like you can’t fully appreciate how precious wide open spaces are until you are surrounded by millions of people and attempting not to get lost in the sauce and by sauce I mean Source Field. Cities have always been where I’ve felt most is in nature that I come back home. I’m a small town girl at heart. Bumpy back roads, rolling hills, and farmland are my roots. I didn’t realize that when I decided to spend the month of September here how much of a challenge it would really be for me, especially during a season as internalizing and analytical as Virgo. But alas, I know these are LESSONS. Growth and lessons and love. Right now I don’t have much to say. (Shocking, I know.) I’m just observing. The message I’m receiving right Now is that observation and rest are required. All my love. Oh, and recommendations for nature spots and plant-based eats are appreciated as always!

Shared interests don’t mean much to me if we can’t openly express our feelings with each other.

I say this because I’ve seen people talk about a favorite band or sports team endlessly without once asking their friend how they are.

It may seem small, but it’s not.

In my most nourishing relationships, I do my best to be very attentive and present to how the other person is feeling. I know how they’re doing because I ask and we share.

I don’t care if I like hip hop music and you like alternative,
If you like basketball and I’d rather dance,
If I prefer tv and you enjoy movies.

It doesn’t matter.
If anything, it’s just more potential to teach each other something new.

What matters to me is that we are present with each other,
That we share our feelings,
That we communicate about our goals and our visions,
That we are open to change within the other person,
That we are understanding enough in our love to not fear distance or distraction.

In my experience, I see this a lot in male friendships.
They will find a shared interest to connect on endlessly, but it’s rare they know how the other person is actually FEELING.

When I talk about relationships, I don’t just mean romantic. I mean friendships, I mean business, I mean familial, I mean any type of relationship.

Are you truly present with this person when you’re with them?
Do you ask how they are?
Do you communicate how you feel?

Honor people by asking them how they are today and truly caring about the response.
We often think of the question “How are you?” as small talk but it’s anything but small.

Happy September! 🌈🙏🏼✨🌞 This gal drove across the country for the first time by herself! What a beautiful first month of living nomadically. I’ve arrived in Los Angeles for the next few weeks and I will say even though I’ve been several times before it is a bit of a culture shock after the areas I spent time in throughout August. Asheville, Albuquerque, Sedona, and much of Pennsylvania (my roots) all have amazingly nourishing energy. When I’m in cities I realize how often I take driveways for granted.😭😅 BUT in September I’ve vowed to run toward what makes me uncomfortable (Okay, and most months) so let’s see how I can grow, learn, and explore in all the places unknown to me. It’s Virgo season BAYBEE so it’s time to harness that Earthy energy, stay organized, and leap into our creative and financial endeavors with clarity! I love you! 🧡✨🌈🙏🏼😌🚗

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