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Lily Ivy  Tennessee • 22 • Webcam Entertainer • Psychology Student • Earth Angel • Plant-powered • Leo • 🌿🌈🦋🐍🥀🌞🍄 Inquiries:✨ My snap!! 🔽

Over the past year and a half, I've gone through what one might call a "hermit" phase. It hasn't so much been a phase of being cooped up in a room in isolation, but the majority of my time, whether that be at home or during my travels, has been spent solo and very focused on myself. I didn't actively make this decision, but the Universe led me to it so I listened. During the deepest parts of it, I feel like I started to identity with it strongly, but as it's coming to an end I'm reminded once again that life is just a series of constant changes. I am none of them and I am all of them. Isn't it surreal to ponder how in this life, change and "death" are two of the only things really promised to us, yet they're two of the things humans fear most. We are resisting what is natural, and that hurts, that makes life feel scary. To open ourselves up to these things is when we can truly start to live though, because we can begin to see life through the eyes of love, openness, and adventure rather than through fear. To accept the groundlessness of life is one of the biggest acts of courage I have ever had to do but I know it is where growth and wisdom are birthed.🌿✨

A dreamy Taurus new moon,
new lessons,
new blessings,
big changes.

The yang to my yin💧✨🔥🙏🏼 I love you!!! Thank you for being a wonderfully necessary and Divinely synchronized reflection always and eternally💜☺️🌸

Taurus season got me feelin' green and romantic 😒😅🌿🌿🌿🌿🙏🏼💫✨💁🏼🌈✨✨🌈✨🌿💜💧💜💜🌈✨✨🤓🌿

Breathe with me🌿✨

Working on rearranging my webcam space today! Or I guess that's what they call a "home office"✨🌿😋 I cannot wait to expand my creativity even deeper and wider regarding my work now that I have more time🙏🏼 Only professionalism will be happening in this room!! 🍌🍌🍌😁

You guys, I did a thing! (I graduated college.) I could say many things about the last 5 years, but right now I'll just stick with I'm so so very grateful for how much I have grown. My time in school has been beautiful and draining and fulfilling and crazy and a whole lot of other things. I know all that I've experienced has been for absolute perfect reason. Now I get to keep on truckin' to the next wonderful part of my life, whatever that may be!! I'm mostly just here for the ride and the sunsets along the way✨📖👩🏼‍🎓🌿💜🌹❤️🙏🏼💞😇📖☺️🌿😊💜✨❤️🌹👩🏼‍🎓😄🌿💞📖😊💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Yesterday as I was driving home to celebrate on cam the storms cleared that had been happening all day and a big rainbow appeared in the sky in front of me. It really does feel like I'm beginning the next chapter of my life and Spirit was showing me just how perfect and necessary this last one has been. Student of life forever, just not college anymore!! So it's to me to feel more blissful and free than ever🙏🏼☺️🌟 (Also my degree is in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Global Studies since I know many of you will ask).

Hi cuties! I'm just tuning in to say hello, I am alive and I am working my booty off to finish my last 7 weeks of college. Most of my time for the last few months has been dedicated solely to school, work and self-care but I am on the homestretch and so close to having time to be free again! If any of you want to watch a webcam show and hang out with me I tend to cam Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around 8pm CST! The best way to keep up is to purchase my premium snapchat or follow my twitter; however, I've had my social media apps deleted as of recently. Anyway, I'll stick the link to purchase snap in my bio for the time being and if you have any questions you can ask me underneath here today then I'll probably disappear again for a lil' bit🙏🏼☺️✨ See you soon!! 💓🌸💗✨🙏🏼🌟😇🥀🌼💞

There is ancient knowledge being held in the center of your lil' soul just waiting for you to realize it's been yours to access all along.⭐️💫

While I know it's not entirely necessary for me to say these words, I feel expressing them may feel nourishing for me. I continue to get comments asking me why my boobs have gotten smaller or why I've gotten thinner, etc. First and foremost, if your words aren't typed through love or at the very least respect please re-consider sharing them with me. Secondly, for over a year now I have been eating an intuitive, plant-based diet. For myself, for my home and for animals which I have too strong of a connection with to see as anything less than friends. As a result, my senses have increased tremendously. My psychic abilities have increased while my brain fog has dispersed. My spiritual journey has deepened in ways I never imagined. My periods are much less painful and my ovarian cysts have gone away. And yes, my boobs have gotten smaller and I have gotten thinner. Are you surprised? I stopped eating a diet filled with growth hormones. This isn't a post to attempt to get anyone to change their diet, it's a post sharing my real life experiences with the changes I've made personally. I am healthier than I have ever been and if you can't see that clearly through my posts consider the own personal lens you are looking through. I don't have to share myself with thousands of people online, but I know for the one hurtful comment there are hundreds of loving and supportive ones. So I remain grateful and I won't allow anyone to dim my light simply because they can't see past my physical vessel. No matter what changes I go through, I will ALWAYS remain beautiful physically, mentally and spiritually because I choose to live an authentic, loving life. Nothing is more important. But please remember, just because I share myself with you online does not mean you are EVER entitled to tell me what to do with my body or who I am in anyway. I recognize what you choose to speak with others is only a reflection of how you feel internally and so for that, I send you love on your own personal journey. THANK YOU to the little light beings who truly embrace who I am, which is so much more than surface level. Thank you for seeing that, for your love and thank you for following my journey.💞🙏

Mi casa🙏🏼✨😌💞🙏🏼🔑🌹🌱🏡

Many people get comfortable in their sadness because in the moment it often feels easier to decide we're a victim of our circumstances than make a conscious effort to take our power back and make a change.

More times than not, it's just a change in perspective. How beautiful and simple if we allow it to be.🐬✨🙏🏼

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