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Lily Ivy  Tennessee • 22 • Webcam Goddess • Earth Angel • Psych Student • Traveler • Healer • Plant-powered• Leo • ✉️:🌿✨

From my aura chakra report yesterday! Keep in mind it's always changing but my chakras are very aligned & balanced currently🙏🏼😌✨ My yellow-y orange aura signifies self-confidence, adventure, creative self-expression, power, sexuality, etc🔥It's also very intense & wide meaning my presence and energy is felt quite easily when I walk into a room/am nearby. I take the green at the top to signify that my head & heart are in the same place🌿💞 But I'm also going through some emotional changes. And the green at the bottom to signify my Earthly love & gratitude (along w the emotional changes/moving forward as well).💚✨

Blessed & grateful✨🌿👐🏼😊💞🌞

My mirror🙏🏼✨💧🔥🌿☺️🌸❤️

22 rotations around the sun today!! ☀️🌿👐🏼💞🌸♌️🔥

The bEARTH of freedom💫✨ (From Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy by Sadhguru)

Hiii you guys! My 22nd bEARTHday is this Wednesday✨☺️💞🌿 For the time being I put the link to my Amazon wishlist in my bio in case anyone wanted to spoil me! Or if you'd like to send an e-giftcard my email is:💫❤️ Also, I am back in the states but unfortunately suffering from a bacterial infection on my hand due to an area of eczema that started from I believe a nickel allergy😢 It's a bit painful & scary but I am treating it as best as possible. Any love & healing energy sent my way would mean so much right now✨💞👐🏼😌🌸

What are some of your favorite witchy flicks? Movies, shows, docs, etc & why? 🙏🏼✨🖤🌿 Books as well (although I have a stack to read at home already)💞💫

In sync with the Sun 💫✨🌞

‪"I would like my life to be a statement of love & compassion & where it is not, that's where my work lies."‬🙏🏼✨💞🌿

Back in Guatemala City to catch my flight to the states tomorrow! My time here always goes so fast!!! But it's been the most wonderful birthday present/end of summer trip to learn, teach, play, bask in the sun, read, write, swim & most importantly be with the lil angels. I'm always so grateful to head back to the states revived after being here✨😊🌿🌞 I'll be back when I can, Casa💫🌴👐🏼🇬🇹💞PS - If you want to donate, sponsor, volunteer or just know a lil bit more info the website is💫

The office at Casa is my future home goals & I am the pup lying underneath🙏🏼✨🌿🇬🇹💞🌸

"We're all just walking each other home"✨💫 Thank you for always teaching me what it means to communicate & connect without language & for making me feel at home as soon as I arrive to a place so far away. Te amo🙏🏼😌💞

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