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Came out of retirement for a day to let you know that yes, when I'm 90, you will still want my number. 😎😂👵🏾 #halloween2018 #happyhalloween

Hey All!

Lynx is trying to raise money for recovery from a long road with Brain Injury! Let's help make this happen! They are making their way to goal but they still need your help. No amount is too small. 😊

#braininjury #fundraiser #disability

"Mama Just Doing It!" Presented by @ebbojustdoingit is taking place this Saturday!

I have 1 FREE ticket for a BIPOC mom who might not be able to attend otherwise. I won't be publicly announcing who gets the ticket for privacy reasons 😊. DM by tomorrow night at 11:59pm.
A gathering for BIPOC millennial mom's coordinated by a Black mom. Fellowship, mindfulness, discussions and more!
I am excited and proud of all of the amazing work being done by BIPOC mom's for other BIPOC mom's in the city. Support+Attend+Share. You are not alone!

Limited tickets, so get one while you still can. If you know @ebbojustdoingit you know that this is an event not to be missed. If you don't know her (yet) check out her page! ❤️ !!! If you are a BIPOC mom who would like to attend but the ticket cost is a barrier, please DM by Friday October 5th at Midnight. I am giving away a ticket! !!! #torontomoms #blackmoms #moms #toronto #toronto #doula #birthorkers

Wedding Tings with my favorite Chocolate. 🥂

Join us tomorrow as we continue to build and grow in love and capacity for our community! We will be at the 519 from 1-3pm. ❤️ If you are interested in joining or learning more about the collective or birth services in the city, please come out!
Please write with questions or to stay connected.
Poster by @jenmaramba

#ocama #doula #birthworkers #birthworkersofcolor

I planted this last year and here they are now. Plants are so unsuspecting as a seed. The packet image never does them justice. 😍

Join us for a celebration of our beautifully diverse bodies at With/out Pretend's "Unruly Bodies" curated by Margeaux Feldman (Poster by Ness Lee and @wildflowerbee ). I will be sharing a new piece called "We are Wasting Time" looking at how time consuming and disrespectful it is to be in constant criticism of bodies. This piece celebrates the beauty and diversity of our physical vessels.

This event is accessible + non-gendered bathrooms. If you need ASL, please click the link of email asap.
Please click the link in my bio for more information.

Partial Proceeds will be donated to Ocama Collective.

About Ocama: Ocama Collective is a community-directed group of birth workers of colour, living and working in Tkaronto (Toronto), who are dedicated to the reclamation of traditional and holistic childbearing and birthing practices, amongst IBPOC folx.

Ocama means “listen” in Taino-Arawak, a language of the Indigenous peoples from the islands known today as the Caribbean and South America (Abya Yala). Inspired by this indigenous word, this Collective approaches birthwork as unique as each pregnancy, birth plan, and birth care, to “listen” not only with our ears, but with heart and spirit, to each individual and baby that enters our circle of care. The Collective is open to ALL IBPOC and families seeking a nurturing space to “listen” together.

This Collective seeks to create access to full-circle and community-based birth care, as an imperative factor in reducing infant mortality, improving childbearing/birth satisfaction, and supporting maternal/parental physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
It is a key goal for this Collective, to facilitate safe space for 2S, trans, queer, non-binary, genderqueer, and agender folx, to fully engage in pregnancy and birth care that is self-directed, holistic, and satisfactory. This Collective stands and operates in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, the original stewards of this land we call Canada, in reclaiming sovereignty rights and shifting the narrative to one of decolonization and indigenizing our worldviews.

Email to connect or to donate.

This Tuesday I will have the pleasure of performing a short excerpt from 'I Cannot Lose My Mind' at this farewell fundraiser for @dbiyounganitafrika . The Watah Theatre is transitioning as she travels to further the methodology through pursuing her Master's at Goldsmiths at University of London. It is an exciting time. During 4.5 years of mentorship with d'bi I saw the development and full production of my first play, the first time completing one of my plays, 6 professional publications, 4 graduations, the development of a personal hollistic health plan using the Anitafrika Method, life changing mentorship and more. As Residency Coordinator and Event Coordinator before that, I received the gift of mentoring and being mentored by so many amazing, diverse artist.
d'bi has dedicated whole heart to mentoring many artists throughout her lifetime, and I'm excited for this new chapter and the magik to unfold.

30+ artists! Come out. You can also make a donation to

#fundraiser #watah #thewatahtheatre #mentorship #gradschool #goldsmiths #london #thetheatrecentre #toronto #art

🚨New Doula Collective Alert!🚨 I am so excited to be working with @_9knee @jenmaramba @seedandcerasee and @jennylikesjewellery as we grow a BIPOC collective in the city! Our first event welcomes birth workers, caregivers, or those who are considering childbirth. We welcome those who have had miscarriages, parents, and those who are not sure where to start or how to support a friend/family member. This is really an event for anyone.
We welcome our community with open arms. We welcome birth workers who are interested in being a part of Ocama and any offerings or ideas from our community. I hope to see you at this inaugural event. Please email with any questions or with any offerings for the collective. ❤️ #blackdoulas #doulas #ocama #beginnings #birthworkers #bipocdoulas ❤️❤️❤️

The future is bright. My niece is dressed up as a nurse for career day, with her hands set just like her grandma. 😂 Isn't it just amazing how mannerisms get passed on? My baby cousin smiles and holds his hands the way that my grandma did and he was born after she died. 😊

#careerday #nurse #genes

#TB to one of my faves singing up a storm of Covers 🎤🎶🎤 Bomb voice and her outfit was the full😍😍😍 If you zoom in you'll see all the little princesses in the dress.

#TB to bumping into 2 of my faves in the same place on the same day. I tried to catch Mali at her "In Solidarity" exhibit, which featured her documentation of Haiti post 2010 construction of Earthships made from recycled materials. I was rushing to a residency at @tangled_arts and passed Mali's exhibit, which was also running films featuring Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty(JFAAP) at May Day 2017. I saw Bfly in one of the videos and felt I really wanted to see both of them and that I would come back on my break to better take it all in. I'd been trying to glimpse Mali at the exhibit but I always missed her. Who do I see on my break? Bfly on a field trip in the flesh! Community Elders, Mali and a delicious Papa treat. Full Circle Love Up❤️

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