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Terry S  "The Heat came round and busted me for smilin' on a cloudy day"

For sale, pretty random lineup of boards, but all are pretty rad. Buy one or splurge and get them all. DM me if interested in any of them.

A bunch of people were psyched to see this Nate Jones board in my previous post. And since only half of the board was visible and out of focus, I figured it deserved it's own post. Dedicated to the original dirt from Ohio, James Kelch. Brothers from different mothers.

Another random board picture where some are still around and others have changed hands several times already.

An older picture of a random group of boards. Some are still in the collection and others are long gone.

For sale, Mark Gonzales by Real and a Simon Woodstock by Sonic Skateboards. DM me if interested in either one.

Throwback to one of the best video premieres of all time. If you were there then you know. If not, hopefully you at least bought the DVD. Since Day One, Roll Forever!!!! @jimthiebaud @tommyguerrero @dlxsf @mdspb @damon_thorley @reedtarded

About 10yrs ago "he who shall remain nameless" found a few old boxes of unfinished Gonz boards stashed in the warehouse. These were the leftovers that Mark never finished painting and sat boxed up for years gathering dust. They were eventually brought over to @dlxskateshop to be sold for $200. Some were completely awful while others weren't that bad. These were trapped in limbo. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Random Gonz drawing from Thrasher, mid 90's . Remember when Mark used to have a two page spread every month filled with short stories and doodles. This is one of the doodles.

Ben Schroeder crash test dummy model. This is on Lucero Limited and I believe he had one more model on Limited before John switched it to Black Label. Gotta love that pink stain.

Up for sale, Rudy Johnson by Girl from 94. Lately I've been coming into old Rudy boards, so I figured it's time to pass this one along. I'd have to say this is probably the rarest Rudy deck that Girl made. I've never seen another one in NOS condition, I didn't even see one at Girl's 20yr anniversary show. DM me if interested.

I've been told that there are two versions of this board. How have I been so oblivious to this fact over the last 29yrs?!? Can anyone help me out by letting me know which version this one is and what differs between the two? Thanks.

John Cardiel from the Casting Call series by Anti Hero, Spring of 02.

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