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Terry S  "The Heat came round and busted me for smilin' on a cloudy day"

The other day I met up with some friends for a drink and to discuss boards. One member of our group swore to the Heavens that Julien went from Underworld Element straight to Anti Hero, bypassing Real altogether. It was at that moment I decided to get up, pay my tab and exit stage left. On my way out I heard the individual in question yell "Kyrie Irving is right, the Earth is flat". Any who, here's a Julien board by Real from 94. In homage to the classic novel, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

What a great combo, skateboards and flesh eating bacteria. Doesn't get much better than that. John Cardiel for Anti Hero, artwork by Todd Francis.

Some decks in the collection come and go and change hands faster than a tap at a keg party. While others like this Jason Jessee have been in my possession since 97. Surprisingly I'm still the original owner not including the distributor that had it dead stocked for 10yrs up til the day I purchased it for below wholesale value.

I always wondered if Gabriel was into Santana or the art department was under the gun for a graphic deadline.

These little cardboard Shmoo's were some of the best promotional items when Krooked first came out back in 02. They were meant to hold stickers, but are perfect for a pen, keys, loose cigarette, etc.... Get it straight, come out with more promo items.

Ronnie Bertino by Daniel Dunphy for Blind Skateboards back in 93.

For some reason I never managed to save that many Adrenaline boards, but the few I have just happen to be some of my favorite boards. I'm pretty sure Mike Giant did the graphics for all 3 of these boards.

For sale, handful of Krooked decks. As a group or individually, two Mark Gonzales sweatpants, a Bobby Worrest and a Sean Malto guest model. Worrest and Malto signed their boards. DM me if interested.

Be careful out there today everyone. Cupid is on the loose running around shooting people with his bow and arrows. Gonz drawing not included.

"Here I am and you're a Rocket Queen. I might be a little young but Honey I ain't naive" Salman Agah by Real Skateboards from late 91. Quite possibly the smallest, most tapered tail in the history of skate decks.

A couple Anti Hero pro models from the late 90's and both heavily screened with several thick layers of ink on them. Tony Trujillo Gator and Bob Burnquist Jack of Hearts are from Summer of 98. Not sure who did the graphics, I'm guessing either Todd Francis or Christian Cooper.

Back when DLX used to screen all their boards over at Print Time, you'd be able to score random blank decks that had various test screens on them. For example, this deck has bits & pieces from several different graphics from a few different companies. The first person to correctly name each graphic on this deck wins a field trip to Hunters Point followed by a picnic at 1775 Egbert ave. Good luck.