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Buy now for FREE extra vinyls  🤞| nail vinyls 🌎| worldwide shipping 🤷‍♀️| US based 💰| $5 flat rate shipping 👇| etsy shop

Here @polished_dream is using the Greek chevrons and did this super cool mani! (Use her code "AnnaReviews10" for $2.50 off a $4.24+ purchase at my store!

These ones are using my honeycomb vinyls! I will be making them smaller but she was using the large ones! @polishedella

super cute! Using dog bone stencils! Haven't put them for sale yet but I have them made!

Lily's 60k Giveaway!!!!! Go enter!!! All the prizes and rules are in her post @nailsby.lily

Greek Variety $7.00

Honeycomb $4.75

paint drips $3.75

Nail Polish Bottles ——
This is a three pack! It comes with three sizes!
These will go for $7

Diamond Acorns ——
This is another one! I may change the name, but this will come in a two set! One bigger size and a smaller one! These will probably be $5.75

Mermaid Scales ——
Hi! So this is the first design! They will be on sale super soon, for $4.25

ITS FINALLY GIVEAWAY TIME!🎉 (@nailabilityuk)
This is to celebrate hitting 1K so thanks to each and every one of you! And thank you to my sponsors!❤️
So one lucky person will win:
🔅@opulent_essences liquid gold, frozen, galactic gold, peacock pearl
🔅 @bfb_amigos gold Czech glass file
🔅@nailvinylcity polish bottle vinyls PLUS $5 to spend on a CUSTOM set of vinyls of your choice!
🔅@abbys.nails_ a selection of vinyls
🔅@aengland_official King cophetua, Saint George and spirit of the moors (purchased by me)
🔅some nail fools and nail art tools (purchased by me) 🌎OPEN INTERNATIONALLY🌎
The Rules:
1. Must be following @nailabilityuk @opulent_essences @abbys.nails_ and @nailvinylcity @bfb_amigos 2. Repost this image with the hashtag #nailability1k and tag 2 friends in the comments
3. The deadline is March 11th 12pm GMT. The winner will be announced up to 48 hours after the giveaway has closed.
4. Profile must be public up to 48 hours after giveaway has closed.
5. No giveaway accounts.
6. Must have parental permission if under 18.
7. If you follow just to unfollow after the giveaway is over you will be banned from all future giveaways (don't be rude)
8. Be sure to adhere to all of the rules or your entry will be invalid (yes I will be checking)

Ok! So hi guys! These are my estimated prices, I'm not completely positive just yet but these will most likely be them. If you have signed up to be a reviewer and aren't picked, I will give a 10% discount for your first purchase! Also I will have promo codes given to the reviewers so you could use those as well! Yes US shipping is free because I can stick the vinyls in a small package for a few cents, but international shipping is more so you will have to pay shipping if you are international. I'm sorry!
What do you guys think of the prices? I think the packs are the best deal, because if you got 7 sheets of vinyls it would definitely be more than $13.99 so🤣 the packs are also random by the way.
But ya! I'm super excited to start this up!

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