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Linn Söderqvist  👼🏼 hiii there! on this account i’m posting nail art, every design is by me, on my real natural nails! follow my personal account:

i used nr. 713 ”SOUTH BEACH” from @isadoraofficial , so in love with this nailpolish!! 🍊🍊🍊#nails #nailsbyme #summernails #isadora #isadoranailpolish

💌💌💌 all red.

I’ve found my new fave nailpolish!! It’s nr 533 from Depend Cosmetic and omg i’m so in love with this color, it’s the perfect pink/beige/nude shade! I love. @dependcosmetic #depend #dependcosmetic #nails #nailsbyme #nailpolish #dependnails

Ugh why is it so hard to capture glitter on pictures? 😩😩💫⚡️ #nails #glitternails #glitter #nailart #glittertips #nailpolish #pink

I’VE QUIT BITING MY NAILS! Oh yes, you read it right! After several years of biting on my nails i’m proud to say i’ve finally quit it. I can’t remember how many diffrent products i’ve used to help me stop with biting on them but none have really worked for me. I think it’s more about having the will to quit and then, the most important part, to actually implement it. Unfortunately, i can’t find any good, high quality pics of how my nails looked before, when i still were a nailbiter.. :( But if you’ve been following me for a while (i adore you if you have ’cause oh my god my nails used to look disgusting lol) you know how short they actually were. My nail biting has been one of the reasons for the veeeeery slow updates here on this account but now i’m back and i’m looking forward to update here a bit more often. I’ve missed you!! #nails #nail #nailart #naturalnails #sweden

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