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I Like Doing My Nails💅❤️  ✨Hi I'm Teresa💙,I like Doing my nails💅 All pics are all done by me on my natural real nails👑

Piink bunny nails🐰💗 Put on your base coat✨
1) paint all your nails except for your thumb finger a pink polish and on your thumb paint on hot pink💗
2) first to make the bunny, create a half circle taking up about half the nail. Then make two ears.
3) use a pink and black to make the bunny's face.
4)finish off with a topcoat to protect your design❤️ Where would you wear this?

Blue tribal nails💙
1) as always start off with a base coat to protect the natural nail
2) apply on a blue nail polish. This Polish was was sinful colors.
3) for the accent nail, use a striper and make straight, zigzag lines and dots.
4) finally, finish off with a fast dry topcoat to protect and secure your nails

Where would you wear them?💙

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