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NAI`A YOUNG-KINGSBURY  O’AHU X HAWAI’I | cal poly slo ‘22 surf | photography | aloha | ROXY girl mālama da ‘āina 🌱

Pre surf sesh muse // @roxy @two_crows_surfboards

Setting it up 💃🏽 // @roxy

Mino’aka 🙈

Just some snaps I took from a couple swells ago 🤙🏽 (don’t know some of the surfers but they were shredding)

Early morning sesh with dis kook 🤷🏽‍♀️ #regulated

Bye bye childhood, hello adulthood 👋🏽 #18

This is where I belong. Home—the ocean, log in hand, waves made of glass, sand in da hair. Nothing beats. #makewavesmovemountains

Moody shots w/ @snapsbybea

Exciting weekend even though the waves weren’t ideal haha. Stoked to have placed 2nd for the individual women’s division at the 23rd Annual Hawaiian Noseriding Classic! Congrats to @haleysurfergirl for the win 💛 So fun surfing alongside such talented people. Mahalos Toru from @surf_garage and Uncle Ernie from @hawaiianlongboardcompany for sponsoring the event. It was a blast working the desk with them and others, looking forward to fully taking on the comp with Uncle Ez and Lola starting next year as they begin to step down. Thanks for all you’ve done for us these past 23 years 🤙🏽

What in the world would I do without surfing? (aka the best sport and therapy on the planet) It brings to me so much joy and has taught me so much about myself, others, and the Hawaiian culture. I’ve been blessed with a second family thanks to the sport and I’m so grateful to be part of such an amazing community 💛🏄🏽‍♀️ #happyinternationalsurfingday

From this past swell :) mahalos for shooting me @andy.hawes !!

Thought I’d share here about my sesh this morning. Surfed with a pod of such graceful yet playful dolphins I’ve ever been around. Something felt different about them, so I paddled out alone further to say hi and they came over to me, checked me out, then a few of them started twirling, jumping and spinning in the air while I sat there and enjoyed it all. The water was crystal clear so I could see them super clearly when they went underneath. One came right next to me and rose just far enough above the water that I could see it’s eye, and I couldn’t help but stare at it and smile like we knew each other or something. As I was paddling back to the lineup, all 20 of them decided to say goodbye and circle swam once around me and then jumped before swimming away. Whatta blessing and a frickin great way to start the day.

Quote of the day: “I want to tame a raccoon someday” - Alli Johnston // mahalos unko riley for taking da hammah crew out today

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