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Friendly friends.

I’ll celebrate you, appreciate you, I’ll always be on your team.

Forget the royal wedding, it’s a royal birthday. I love you Kenzie.❤️

Happy Birthday baby, thanks for making my life 1000 times better. And thank god you’re finally 21 so you can shut up about it. I love you.❤️

I found a love

Treating my girl good. Taking her to Cracker Barrel. #blessup

I just wanna be body positive for two minutes. The picture on the left is junior yearish, the one on the right I took a few minutes ago while avoiding laundry. I may still be chubby but I feel better and I have confidence. I haven’t really been on a “weight loss” journey until recently but I did get at a point where I got tired of carrying more weight than I should be so here’s to hoping I continue with positive results and passing personal milestones. Amen.

Hangin’ by the Cool Pool.☀️

I love you loud and proud.❤️

Yes bitch. @nickymonet

We saw a penguin take a shit today.

This is the moment that I realized I pulled up the back of your dress. I’m sorry.❤️

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