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Throw back to last year when I went on a little shopping trip to the part of the world where the textile and clothing industry provide one of the largest single source of growth for the country!⠀
It was so much fun shopping in the city on a rickshaw. #missingmydesh #bangladesh #tbt

It’s the season for client shopping, gathering presents and of course being distracted adding to my own closet!


Ahhh that Friday feeling! ⠀

Ok so I started a new instagram account @nafisaszhouzz as I continue to explore and work with styling and shopping while I’m working on styling and shopping for my new home. ⠀

Let’s see how I keep up but if you love home stuff and what’s in fashion please go give me a follow. ⠀

Happy weekend my insta fam jam 💜⠀


It’s that time of the year ... everything is buzzing and chiming at the malls. How are you styling at your Christmas party this year? #askyourstylist #stylingandshopping #personalshopper #executiveshopping #personalstylist #shoppingexperience ⠀⠀

Waking up on gloomy Saturday mornings has me reliving the sunny days. ⠀


Out in the November rain setting everything in perspective. ⠀

Spent the better half of the morning at a workshop thank you my dearest friend @shelizajamal learning about leadership and emotional resilience with #rumeetbillan. ⠀

#bethenexther #rememberenceday #countyourblessings #goleafsgo

Just strutting around town in red hair today. #halloweenvibes

Feeling all kinda Ellish! #billieellish #esthero ......⠀




Falling around in that Anthropologie dress!⠀

It's the season for knee highs or more like thigh highs! ⠀

Mua @flirt_makeup_and_brows

Lady of the house! Styling just comes naturally so maybe I should start another insta account and call it @nafisaszhouzz. So part of what kept me very occupied is that I got involved with a major house move and renovation that is at its peak right now. And there is this other thing...... #announcement #comingsoon #hgtvcanada

I promise I am looking right at you! I have been very sparse with my posts as I have been caught up with many “life” things and “working” on a special project that I’ll mention soon enough that’s taken a front seat and not everything is making it on instagram but there was this shoot and the people who worked on it that get a big shoutout. ⠀
@parlerlamode delivering the ultimate gown!⠀
@flirt_makeup_and_brows dolling me up!⠀
@ralphcaptures capturing the moment!⠀

I think it’s time I bring all those pictures to this platform....💝

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