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Nadia Zlateva  LIFESTYLE | FITNESS 🇬🇧19 - Hereford , UK 👻snapchat : zlateva ✖Contact: nadzlateva@gmail.com

*Bar only leg/glute workout*

Warmup: 5 minute incline walk + 5 min sprints + 5 mins incline walk. Stretches of choice (legs), warm up the back

Note: use 40-45% of 1RM weight because you will be doing lots of reps

1. Low bar squats 4 x 15 + 1 set till failure
2. Low bar sit down sumo-squats (on a bench) 4 x 15 + 1 set till failure
3. Close leg low bar squat 4 x 15
4. Bar lunges
Superset 5. Sumo jumps 4 x15

Ps. Im not a personal trainer as most of you know, this is just me trying to help sisters out🌹💛

I love just pretend to model and laugh😂

Besides training i love going on walks and having time for my mind to reconnect and refresh. We can get very caught up in only training and working that its not enjoyable anymore.

I used to do that a lot but nowadays my purpose of training is not just to "look good" and get a "bikini body" (what even is a bikini body). Training is something which keeps me sane and in condition/control of my oqn body, but balance is key. Do not overburn yourself because you're gonna end up hating it💛 *tap for tags*


Catching up with my bestie tonight with a sleepover and planning some content together. Sometimes i forget how blessed and thankful i am for having the people who i have by my side. Do what you love and you will meet lifetime friends who have the same interests ❤

Issa miracle having a full weekend off, so i spent some quality time watching Netflix till 11am today 😊enjoyed some crappy food last night but today we are eating clean and currently at the gym getting things done!

Going for a full on glute session to use up somw of the extra calories. That's usually how i handle post over eating - i just train whatever i feel like the most and smash it by adding super sets, some trisets and even a bit of hiit and abs😎

Hope everyone is having a great weekend🌻

Aloha👐 i may or may not be doing something behind the scenes today for you🙄📽

Was doing so well this week with keeping my food nutritious and clean, but all of a sudden I've ended up eating two slices of cake and a McDonald's 🙄 it happens! This is what life is about. Not everything will be easy, sometimes you just gotta listen to your body and do the balance thang y'know?!

Friyay 💃

Hey ho! Trained arms today 😎 i feel as if a lot of girls tend to neglect them, but i actually love hitting my back, rear delts and shoulders! Whats your favourite body part to train?

Happy Valentines from me and my unicorns 💖

Have no caption rlly just drowning in college werk

Monday is much better with a kick ass outfit that makes you feel like a power ranger👊😎 My frist day back training since last Tuesday was today! Its so difficult fitting in everything in my life right now and i feel like I'm constantly doing something, but today I've managed train and i just went for a full bod workout. Most of it is pinned to my profile under 'workout inspo' so go ahead and check it out if you're feeling creative🤗

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Making myself feel better about the fact that i havent trained in 4 days by posting this picture hehe

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