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Nadya Hutagalung  TV Host. Conservation. Humanity. Elephants. Orangutan. UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. Public Speaker . World Baby. Currently in Singapore.

A subterranean force that changed the landscape of my heart.

What do you see? #nightwalk #lookup

The luxury of lucid day dreaming and cooking up visions of an ideal world. #dreamer #creative #manifest

Suddenly suffering an overwhelming case of city fever. #gimmesomenature #byron #getoutside

Excited to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming @kwapinspire conference in Kuala Lumpur!

A very happy baby elephant playing in the red mud in Nairobi. Splashing at my feet and swinging her trunk in joy before she plonked herself down at my feet. The care of baby elephants is done with so much precision in the countries that place a value on wildlife as every country should do given that elephants are a Keystone species and are so critical for maintaining a balance in our ecosystems.

When I was visiting my mum a few months ago I came across this stash of some of my old magazine covers! I think I was as young as 12-14 in those first Japanese ones. Feels like so many many lifetimes ago but I'm mega grateful for the platform this life has provided me to talk about things that really matter. #evolution #modeling

Celestial beings float through time and space passing each other for millenniums until a great unseen gravitational muscle brings them together to orbit each other in a magical dance. The collision, inevitable. Debris explodes as a giant a wave of blinding light and settles down in the Milky way. We are so much more than we can even begin to grasp.

Braveheart. Calling on my inner LION. ❤️🦁❤️

She lay in the darkness with only the stars as her witness.
The entire universe covered her being as the messy waves of the cosmos pulled at her feet. Some things are beyond our control, no matter how we claim the right to choose. The waves that move further into shore start to pull her deeper, engulfing her body. Letting go.. she succumbs to her truth.

#lilchick ( when she was still little )and #mosha the elephant who lost a leg due to a land mine. Mosha struggles to get good prosthetics as she is still growing and constantly grows out of her prosthetics which take time to measure and make and is often without one inbetween which results in back issues. All beings deserve a good life, be kind whenever you can. #elephants #kindness

Night Kat

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