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Nadya Hutagalung  TV Host. Conservation. Humanity

There must be something in the air.. it seems like the last half of 2017 has us constantly on the move. On Monday we start yet another move, our third move since June. The world seems to be in flux as are our lives. This time around we are moving our things from storage into our SG house so we can clear the stuff that's been stored for four years and give our house some love. Our tenants moved out and it's time to fix her up and get her all green and pretty again. #ineedaholiday

Another quick update from @riohelmi on the Agung volcano status:
They recorded around 400 tremors on the 19th, and on the 20th the number of deep volcanic activities shot up to 563. On the 21st during a 24hr period they recorded 82 shallow volcanic tremors (VB) and 592 deep volcanic quakes (VA), as well as 51 tectonic quakes. Today, the 22nd they recorded in 6 hr period from midnight to 6:00 am 142 deep volcanic quakes and 36 shallow volcanic quakes.
Meanwhile evacuees are pouring into camps that have been set up in Klungkung and Karangasem areas. This morning there were 1300 plus in the camp in Les in northeast bali (Kubu, Karangasem) a jump from 230 yesterday evening. In the sports arena in Klungkung this morning I saw 639 evacuees, when we visited again this afternoon bringing supplies there were more than 700, and as we arrived back home in the late afternoon we received photographs of 5 full truckloads of new evacuees. They are expecting a total of 1500 new evacuees there tonight. Meanwhile a camp set up in Sibetan is set to receive thousands, and there are new camps in Manggis and other villages.
In Klungkung this afternoon Robin Lim, Eka of Bumi Sehat and I delivered some sundries to Klungkung and we saw scores of volunteers, and even high school students who came just to entertain young kids. The Bupati of Klungkung, Nyoman Suwirta, seemed very down to earth in a simple T-shirt and inspecting all aspects of the building, and getting down with the evacuees.

In the ‘no-go’ zone within a 7.5km radius of the crater there are 50,000 inhabitants. When I asked new arrivals who were being registered in the sports arena in Klungkung, they consistently spoke of relatives who still refused to leave. Many were concerned at the loss of livestock, many others were selling their cattle at a 50% loss rather than have nothing at all.
At the time of writing, at 8:45pm, September 22nd, no actual eruption has actually broken the surface yet. @kopernik.info Bali is the new drop off point for supplies like: clothing, toys, toothpaste, chili, Tempe, veg, oil, soap.

Sharing this post for friends in Bali who might want to contribute: repost from @riohelmi From this morning 22/Sept 2017 at the sports arena (GOR) in Klungkung. There were at 6.30 am 639 people including 57 infants, 21 old people, 66 highschool students, 63 primary school students. The department of social affairs along with the BNPB and other organizations have set up well functioning kitchens and for the time being food suplies are guaranteed by the Department of Social Affairs. What they do need however is is powdered milk for infants, mosquito repellent, diapers for babies and adults, and women's pads (tampons aren't a thing here). I will be taking my pick-up over to Klungkung starting from my house at 1pm if you would like to donate any of these items. Jl Suweta 24A, just opposite the parking lot up from the Ubud Palace. Will try and post a proper report later on tonight. #gunungagung

Bird spotting in style. #lurikindonesia and photograph by @edo_thejourney

Throwing back to when we were wild and free ❤️❤️

Just taking a stroll by the river with @edo_thejourney this afternoon. #inspired #naturelover ❤️ your world!

On set while filming a new TV commercial for @idpanasonic 💄 & photo @bubahalfian ❤️

Look back only to see how far you have come. Harpers IND.

I am not a massive fan of the F1 hoohaa but while scrolling through old photos I found this one. I think I probably had the best F1 experience one could ask for. Being driven around the track in the safety car by one of the drivers was a thrill for sure. But.. think of all the money and fuel that goes into F1.. I'm sure there are better uses for all those resources.. no?

As the sun rises on another day I give thanks that I am alive. Everyday new day is an opportunity to improve, be kinder, wiser and to continue to grow. Never stop learning. Have a beautiful day everyone.

Missing this #nofilter view of the place my heart resides, at the foothills of the Himalayas. Life is too short to waste time hunting fame and fortune alone. Seeking knowledge, wisdom & experience bring far much more value.

#lilchick contemplating the day ahead in the new house while mama and papa are drowning in boxes. #wishiwasakid #cantadulttoday

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