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Nadya Lagzyan  l'art pour l'art

*Super Sassy Caption*

That girl inside me stays
If im not here for me
She will be there.

迡迮 訄郕 邾郇郋迣郋 郅迡迮邿 赲邽迡迮郅邽 邾郋迮 赲郇邽,
邽 赲 郕訄迠迡郋邾 邽郱 郇邽 郋-郋 郇迮 訄郕,
赲 郕訄迠迡郋邾 邽郱 郇訄,
郕郋-郋 郈郋迣邽訇,邾郋邽,
迡郋郅迣郋 邽 郈郋 赲 郇迮訇迮,
訄郕 訇訄郇訄郅郇郋 邽 迣郅郈郋 ,
赲邽迡迮 赲 郋 郇郋赲訄.

Its all within you, Its all there.

This house isn't my home
I hope I'll be gone for good
Cause it ain't where I belong to
I belong to the blue waters
That soak up pink skies from above.

Blue for life.

Aint nobody fuckin up my vibe.

Low key showing off my new hair color, whats up.

Sunrises are worth waking up early. (Not sleeping at all in my case)

邽迡迠迮 赲郱赲訄郅邽 ?

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