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Nadia (nadnut)  Wife, Mother, Influencer, Babywearer & Jujube Fanatic. πŸ’Œ [email protected] πŸ’ #happyparcelday πŸ‘« #nadskai 🏑 #nadskaihome [email protected] Blogs at πŸ‘‡

#happyparcelday! My teething accessories from @babyhilarious is here! Enjoy a discount when you quote the promo code "babyaidan"!

Clap clap! #babyaidansimvids

My lil monkey @babyaidansim is now #elevenmonthsold! Wayyyyyy too fasstttt!!! #babyaidansimtypobox

Found something i really liked in IKEA.

Here's a pic of us #babywearing mamas with our awake bubs yesterday!

My monkey really enjoys his bananas. 😁😁😁

#babywearing mamas. 3 of our bubs fell asleep! Only Giselle is wide awake! #sgtulalove

@babyaidansim flirting with meimei giselle.

Love #babywearing especially on solo parenting days. #sgtulalove

@babyaidansim unintentionally matching with our bedsheets. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #nadskaihome

Cute card and flower by @circleslifesg. Belated Valentine?

I love doing backshots with @babyaidansim and my @jujube_intl bags. #nadjujube