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Kisi ko apne amal ka.. Hisaab kya dete..
Sawaal saare galat the.. Jawaab kya dete..

Down by the river, I was drawn by your grace..
Into tempest of oblivion and to the lovers-place..
I was stuck in a puddle, full of tears and unwise..
Dark doings now I know, that we've paid unlike..
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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
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A journey ahead, world behind and a universe to conquer. 🤘
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💀Night duty has its effects.👻
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Kyu Ziyaan Kaar Banoon Sood Faramoosh Rahoon? 
Fikr-e-Farad Na Karoon, Mehw-e-Gham-e-Doosh Rahoon?
Why should I play the part of the loser and refrain from seeking what I can gain?
Why shouldn’t I think of the future, instead of mourning the losses of the past? .

Nalay Bulbul K Sunoon Aur Hamatan Goosh Rahoon?
Hamnawa! Mein Bhi Koi Gul Hoon K Khamoosh Rahoon?
Why should I listen to the woes of the nightingale, and remain completely silent? 
O companion! Am I some flower so that I may remain silent? .

Jurrat A Mooz Meri Tab-e-Sukhn, Hai Mujh Ko.. Shikwa Allah Say Khakum Ba Dahan, Hai Mujh Ko..
The strength of my poetry is encouraging to speak up..
Unfortunately I have a grievance with my creator.. .

Hai Baja.. Shaywa-e-Tasleem Mein Mashoor Hein Hum..
Qissa-e-Dard Sunatay Hein K Majboor Hein Hum..
It’s true that we are known for being dutiful..
But we are relating our story of pain out of compulsion.. .

Saaz Khamoosh Hein,
Faryaad Say Ma'moor Mein Hum..
Nalaa Aata Hai Agar Lab Pay,
To Ma'zoor Hein Hum..
Though we remain quiet,
We have grievances to share..
If a complaint reaches our lips,
We are unable to express it.. .

Ay Khuda! Shikwa-e-Arbab-o-Wafa Bhi Sun Lay.. Khogar-e-Hamd Say Thora Sa Gila Bhi Sun Lay..
O God! Listen to the remonstrance also from the faithful..
Listen to some complaint also from the one accustomed to praise you..
By: Allama Iqbal
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Who wants an easy life!! It's boring!!!
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Stay strong 🤘
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