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Nadine Tengco  Sexy At Any Age. Badass Mountaineer-Dancer-Food Coach-Chef. My journey to 50, women I guide + the people & things that help us #SexyAtAnyAge

In 1993 at 26 yo, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Then in 1998, my father asked me to go to the US to help my brother who fell into a graver state of depression. This is why I am more than willing to contribute to my niece @kylieverzosa's advocacy on Mental Health. It is a matter that hits so close to home 🙏
Tomorrow Aug 18, Kylie hosts a mental health fair in CROWN SPACES, Makati. There will be inspirational talks, art exhibits, interactive & informative booths and psychiatric consultations (consultations are for select members of the mental health support group). REACH OUT. Check us out.
See you tomorrow. I will talk about FOOD that can help elevate your mood and energy level 👊 DOORS OPEN AT 1:30 pm #MentalHealthMatters

"Before I put on my makeup, I'll say a little prayer for you" 🙏 #RIPArethaFranklin "Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart" Your music will live my heart and in my soul ❤

Grain free, gluten free chips! #Vegan #Paleo #Organic #CoconutFlour #WholeFoods #SexyAtAnyAge

Brunch! With my nephew @briantengco and his ❤ @jscheibm1187 ❤❤❤

Hello waist! Glad to be me when I need to be me 👊 #LeanAndGlowIn5Days #TheNadineTengco 🤣 #SexyAtAnyAge #LatePost

I'm a CSI AGENT!!! I’m crazy about forensic science and a big fan of the CSI show, based here in Vegas 😊
CSI: The Experience, is an interactive forensic science exhibit that allows you to solve simulated crime scenes in a multimedia environment. This exhibit was built with the help of real forensic scientists! You even get to interact with the characters of the TV show.
They will assign you 1 of 3 crime scenes and YOU must solve it. I worked on “No Bones About It” where a hiker discovered skull and bones in the Desert Canyon. I had to figure out Cause and Manner of Death plus potential suspects.
After gathering evidence from the scene, I went to Lab #1 – for FIREARM AND TOOL IDENTIFICATION. I had to identify the caliber of the gun based on the bullet recovered from the victim’s skull. I also had to find the gun that fired the bullet. Lab #2 was FORENSIC BIOLOGY. I had to identify TRACE EVIDENCES such as the type of hair recovered at the scene as well as seeds and pollen from non-native plants. Lab #3 is FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY (Dental) & ENTYMOLOGY (DNA Identification). I was able to identify the victim and from Mitochondrial DNA of the dog hair found at the scene, I determined that it was owned by the victim’s ex-wife. AHA! In Lab #4 I learned from the autopsy report that the cause of death was a gunshot to the head and the manner of death was MURDER.
I presented the report to my supervisor, GIL GRISSOM! An interactive app helped me solve the murder by piecing together forensic and other evidences. So…the ex-wife did it! Yeah. She was not all that happy with the divorce settlement, so she obliterated him! FUN! FUN! FUN!

Try it! The CSI interactive forensic science exhibit is found at the MGM Grand.
#ThingsToDoInVegas #WhenYoureNotReallyFeelingTouristy #CSI #ForensicScience

Great atmosphere, fantastic service and fabulous food. Dinner with my bro Erik at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill 🤗 #WolfgangPuck #CelebrityChef #Vegas

Brunch with my niece @patitengco who moved here in Vegas from Chile in 2016. She looked like 7y.o (she waa 11) when I last saw her in 2011 so I freaked out when she picked me up in her car. She just turned 18. When did that happen??? Gordon Ramsay's Shepherd's Pie + my Chilean niece. What a great way to start my week! ❤ #CoolAunt #ramsaypubandgrill #Vegas

Michael Jackson - "One." I've seen many Cirque shows but I will say, this is by far my # 1 fave because it is emotionally powerful. It will linger not just in your mind but in your heart and spirit. Seeing MJ dance on stage as a hologram was surreal. The visuals and videos leading up to it was powerful enough. The MJ hologram was the apex. I was reduced to tears. The backstory would make this the best of the best of the best. #CirqueduSoleil #michaeljackson #lasvegas

No words... 😱😭🙃🤗❤🙏 #CirqueduSoleil #MJ

Lunch with Erik, our eldest, in the Eiffel Tower. What a lovely resto with a fantastic view and fabulous French cuisine! He planned an entire catch-up date day with me but in the middle of lunch I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to sleep. Haha. Jetlag is a bitch. #eiffeltowerrestaurant #parishotelvegas

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