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Nadia  A harsh winter fell before I could snap, and my mind was gone quicker lthan I could fap. Hit me up about modeling gigs 💫

Got this awesome #portrait taken of me by this #cute #french #oldtimey #photographer , a week or two ago for some parade down in the #frenchquarter thinking about sending it to my dad, just need to find a frame !

There's nothing else to describe it but to say that I'm in #love . In love with you, in love with this place, I'm actually enjoying my own existence and the fact that I am a being here in this universe. With you. Haha. Thanks for sharing with me. Busting them calves an' thighs in the dreams of becoming an ultimate #bikebabe @adventures_ofthe_pizzababez

Rocking a new look... #braids also wearing the cutie pie's hat 💕💫

A #portrait my #mother did of me. Oh, man. Was she #talented or what? Always feeling #feelings. Good ones this time. Life is NOT existential pain. Life is LOVE. Lots of love. Loving everything! Loving my friends. Thank you, for always being there for me. Thank you for giving me the support I need. Thank you for trusting me, hearing my heart song, and having faith. I appreciate you. More than you could ever know. I pulled an #allnighter but hey it's all right. Gonna actually #busk today. #krewedevieux is tomorrow, today, I guess. #mardigras Yay, parades! Dimitri is taking a bath...I think I'm done rambling.

Finished sewing up my ragged little #adventuretime shirt, fly my #pirateflag in the back, scored a sweet #mirror , and there's #flowers everywhere of course

Was supposed to go #swingdancing but my friend flaked like a fucking loser. Just ended up drinking and being #depressed . Laying in bed, Contemplating my mortality. Failure. Brought a cute boy band back to my house to serenade my sadness. Only in #neworleans

Threw an awesome party the other night, the music was killer. Didn't get any videos, but here's some 4 in the morning paintings I did at my buddy's house #arthouse #painting #nofucks #love #friends

The doctor had the smallest grin on his face as he pulled all this junk out of my tonsil at #tulane #hospital #needles #blood #fuckslowhospitals

Next #tattoo idea....rig cage piece. #alienbabe covered in #flowers #love splashed some paint on it and ruined this drawing like a dumb ass while I was drunk. This is why we can't have nice things.

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