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Nadia Narain  Yoga/Wellness 4 yoga dvds on Amazon/ITunes. Chemical free perfume and candles.... and a book on its way ❤️

My Alter tonight ....."When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" - Jimi Hendrix

Morning....... New Moon in Aries today...... "Where do you most need to ‘shore up’ the self? strengthen your fortresses, and face where you have perhaps sacrificed too much autonomy and personal integrity in the quest for peace and harmony, love and partnership?
And conversely, where you are being too selfish and inconsiderate, not flexible enough, not available and supportive enough for the people you love? Aries and Libra are polar signs, and they challenge us to find a healthier balance in this crucial give-and-take dance.

Venus is all about ‘I love you’ but in Aries it’s about ‘I love me!’
Channel your fighting spirit in wise, heartfelt ways. - excerpts from @mysticmamma

I am a high school drop out. I left school the summer before i turned 16..... However i am currently taking a doctorate at the School of Life. My report card says in the subject of making mistakes I got an A+. In feeling the fear and doing it anyway, B+. In being kinder to myself, B. In being kinder to people i like A+, in being kinder to people i'm on the fence with a C. In responding rather than reacting - could try harder. There are many subjects to cover..... Looks like I'm doing ok so far. This here is on the reading list for this years course. Its a long degree.... think it takes around A LIFETIME before you get your diploma. 😂

Huxley asked the lady in the flower shop why there wasn't a Happy Aunties Day and picked these for me. I get flowers and cuddles and still got to sleep in this morning. My sister got the sleepless nights, school runs and the back chat. It turns out i scored in this equation. Love these nuggets even though my sister does all the hard work

This is our Mum and our older sister that died. She looks a little frightened in this pic maybe because her daughter was in hospital for a long time or shes a little annoyed with my dad (which could be the case)
My mum and i have a very tricky relationship and we have fought ever since i can remember. I didnt make it easy for her to be the best version of herself and she didnt make me want to be mine. She presses my buttons like no other and with all the yoga, meditating and therapy i still react rather than respond. And hate myself every time i do. But when i see this picture i think of her as a young woman that loved and lost her baby and i cant imagine what that feels like and it makes me soften to her, and love her more. I like to think we are opposite in every way but i think some of the best bits of me and my sis are hers. She has a strong spirit in a tiny body. She has a very honourable work ethic and a very concise and clear moral code. She is a woman's woman in every sense and celebrates being a feminist and feminine. She started from absolutely nothing and worked hard, was disciplined and despite all her hardships has built a nice life. Every penny made and saved herself. Shes self sufficient and enjoys her own company. She taught us about being healthy and how to roller skate and knit. Shes 70 and still loves dancing. She was a single mum but always made sure we were looked after. She doesn't ask us for anything and when i wish she was a "normal& #34; mum, i understand now that she never apologised for who she was and did her best. Although Its been challenging at times, I know in every cell of me, she loves us, misses us, worries sick about us, is painfully proud of us and still reminds us to say Please and Thank You. I do the Hoponopono prayer a lot and send it her way, And it softens my edges. She knows i love her even though its hard to show it. But we spoke today and it was easy and nice. Happy Mothers Day Mum. To all the Mothers alive or in heaven. Whether we get on with them or not. And to all the mothers that mother and love and nurture and protect others regardless of whether they had their own children. Happy Mothers Day to you ❤️

"A heavy burden lifted from my soul. I heard that love was out of my control" Jarvis Cocker singing Paper Thin Hotel with Chilli Gonzalez on the piano. One of the best shows ive ever seen. Magic, clever, funny, beautiful and just genius. Thank you @thekimsion and @jarvisbransoncocker for a perfect saturday night #room29 @thebarbicancentre #jarviscocker #chilligonzalez #leonardcohen

Another glorious day for a march in March ! The heavens seem to be very pro staying in the EU and Womens marches and protests. Surely its a sign Photo regram @thekimsion

Before the yoga teachers following start critiquing my alignment and that i should take some Iyengar classes (which someone did once) Im totally posing here not Yoga aligning. Just to be clear. I just liked the picture and this is one of my favourite positions to stand in. 🍒 Have a good Friday Everyone 📷 @thekimsion

These 2 are really cute and smiley and kind. I like it when the both come over. He doesn't let us get too much done but thats ok cause he's so damn cute and in no time all he will be a grumpy smelly teenager that doesn't crack up laughing every time we blow raspberries on his belly or go "ah boo" . When i get upset with people i always remember to think of them as tiny little people that were either really loved or not really too much and sometimes people behave the way they do because of how their life started. And they all got born as love and goodness but it got sidetracked along the way. Hopefully we find our way back...... life is pretty sweet when you are a very very loved baby that has all your needs met. Not everyone is that lucky.Next time someone pisses you off try and remember that.

Good Morning......❤️

Ladies night chez @joolsoliver thanks for the energy balls 😂💰 always easy to bluff a win when its not your money still haven't quite got the poker face down......#learningnewthings

Found a spot under a tree on the earth in the middle of London life for a quick 10 minute meditation. Set my alarm on phone for 10 mins and put on airplane mode( my new favourite thing btw. I thought only for when on airplanes!) Closed my eyes and scanned my body for all the tightness, contractions and tensions and slowly let it all go bit by bit. Remembered to breathe. And thats it. Just kept coming back to those 2 things over and over. Felt the sun shine on me. The wind hit my skin. The ground below. The sky above . The big beautiful wise old tree, And little ol tiny me. The alarm went and on with the day. Just a brief 10 minutes of stillness amongst the movement of life 🌲🌎☀️💨🐜 #nadiastoptips

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