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Nadia Narain  Yoga/Wellness 4 yoga dvds on Amazon/ITunes. Chemical free perfume and candles.... and a book on its way ❤️

Spending these next 2 days filming 2 new Dvds coming out this summer. This one is unexpectedly my favourite! Initially it was chair yoga for people that couldnt sit on the floor easily but as i created the sequence its a brilliant 20 minutes if you sit at a desk, or fly or drive a cab or do anything where you have to sit a lot. No one would even know you're doing yoga. Moving your body for 20 minutes once or twice or 3 times in the day will make your body feel better and make you feel energised and calm. So instead of that coffee/cigarette/sugar fix you usually go to at 11am and 4pm you could try this! And for all your friends, mums and dads and aunts and uncles, that say "oh no.... i cant do that yoga sitting with legs crossed on the floor and all that" or " i always wanted to try but I'm not flexible" or " i don't have space at work to put a yoga mat down".....they can!!! 😉 No more excuses. Thank you @newshootpictures and @nat_schmittmakeupartist for keeping me warm ! #yogaonachair #yogaanywhere

I love sitting up in bed with a cup of tea and watching the sun come up...... Ive had to train myself to enjoy early mornings. And now the quiet of early mornings are my favourite time of day...... Have a good day ❤️

When you are both procrastinators and go for a walk with no make up, the rain has started to frizz your hair but you must have your picture taken with the 🐫 and you ask the nice man that was enjoying his quiet walk to take the picture and keep bugging him about getting the damn 🐫 in the pic but the camel has turned his back mid snap......We did however manage to cover Love, books, forgiveness, how life works in the most magical and mysterious ways and the mostly great and one or 2 not great bits of getting older. You @lisafaulknercooks are a very good lady and that was a very nice out of the blue avoiding work kinda afternoon ❤️. 📷#nicemaninthepark

Lets try one random act of kindness today and do our part in changing the 🌎 ......Thank You Mr Freeman for this gem ❤️

Nice thing about getting older is when you have spent a long time looking for the pieces, and the now and thens when you nod and smile at the moments you feel like you have your shit somewhat together..... sometimes. Have a good Sunday. image by @cleowade ❤️

Even though Atti wasn't really feeling the Love i was giving him i choose love anyways (he came around later) We love our organic cotton CHOOSE LOVE tshirts @helprefugeesuk "CHOOSE LOVE is central for how we should be dealing with this humanitarian crisis. We are all children of migrants and refugees. Civilisations fall apart when we stop caring for our fellow men.” - Katherine Hamnett Proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts will go to Help Refugees and support their work. So buy a T for you and all your friends and kids and help someone that needs you and rock a super cute tshirt at the same time.

These flowers. This piece of fabric. This card came with my favourite body cream ..... We are so blessed we have so many people that support us! Its so lovely when you meet someone and all they want is to see you succeed and be the best version of yourself especially in unknown territory.. We had a lot of people with this lovely quality about them around us this past couple of days that lent us things, gave us things washed up, carried things, saw things, captured things and lifted and held us. It makes us feel blessed and so humbled and so very grateful ❤️ Thank You

Burning sage and making sure @katianarainphillips got good vibes 😜 Another great day shooting pics for the book with a team of people with the best vibes that made work just a super fun day and a big little dream come true ❤️Thank You all! @emmalahayestylist @liznmax @troisverres @lizzygais @miss_swap

Defo feeling the healing powers of this incredible whopper of an Amethyst. Thank you @venusrox_crystals for this beauty 💜 What a great day...... love working with my sis @katianarainphillips and whatever happens we are really enjoying the ride 💜

Shooting for our book today! Me peeking through these beautiful flowers arranged by @thausbotany Thank You @miss_swap for being so generous and letting us takeover your beautiful 🏡 ❤️

The 3 R's......

You, @elenabrower are very cute. Glad I could put food in your belly and Love in your bag before you ✈️ (scrambled eggs with 🥑 because i ate all the chocolate eggs and hot ✖️buns earlier) We shoulda had a sleep over 👯 Byeeeeeeeeeeee

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