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Doesn't Dark chocolate with Almonds seems like a perfectly acceptable dinner when recovering from PTSD ? Dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress. ... It's found that eating about an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks reduced levels of stress hormones in the bodies of people feeling highly stressed. So I've got another 10 days to go 😋..... perfect 👌🏽 and i think this is way more than an ounce and a half 😅

Melvin making Autumnal art for everyone to enjoy ❤️🍂

We do ❤️

A note to my burglars ....... 🙏🏾Dear Burglars, Should you wish to return there is nothing left for you here. You took everything that had any monetary value and anything that has sentimental value means nothing to you and too much to me and is no longer here! I bet you don't sleep too well do you?. It must teally suck for you to do this and i bet it makes your mum really sad. No mum wants to know their kid is a thief and invades peoples lives. Sadly for you, there this bitch called Karma and when you fuck with her moral code, its really shitty for you. She doesn't let anything slip by so shes coming for you, if not today, tomorrow or the next, she will get you and you are going to wish you never came by my house or anyone elses.... Have a great day ❤️

A good nights sleep and so much kindness from everyone....Friends and complete strangers. Definitely the best medicine for any kind of trauma. We can't control what happens in life as much as we wish we could. Shit happens. But we can decide how we respond to it. I woke up feeling good today. The Sun is shining and its a new day. Have a great Sunday folks. ❤️ #SelfCareForTheRealWorld

Thought of the day ❤️

When we think about yoga we think about flexibility and doing poses and looking at instagram pictures of people doing the most ridiculous poses and we look in awe. But there is an important philosophy behind the practice and the poses are just one aspect. Yoga has guidelines to live in the world with a moral, ethical and societal compass causing as little harm to ourselves, others and the planet we live on . The Yamas are the great universal mighty laws - Non harming, Non lying, Non stealing, Control of our sexual impulses and Non coveting or Non greed. Its interesting to think about this stuff because its so relevant right now globally, politically and personally. And when practiced, really paying attention to these " laws" theres a feeling of calm and steadiness in your mind and state of being. We may need think " Oh I don't lie or steal or harm people" but we do all the time. We hurt ourselves with negative thoughts, and others with words. We have politicians that are full of greed. I stole money and weed from my mum And magazines and makeup as a teenager. Anyway the list goes on and I'm pretty tired as i didn't sleep much last night. But its interesting to think about. If you are not a yogi look up the Yamas and Niyamas it makes me value this 5000 year old practice even more. They knew what was up back in the day! These are actions to take moment to moment to live in harmony mentally, emotionally and physically 🙏🏾

There's something so violating and heart breaking when someone breaks into your home. Bastards! Its a mix of fear and shock and deep sadness and ANGER that someone would kick my door down and steal anything from my house and from me. I know its just possessions and I'm hoping they had an ailing mother or a kid to look after and they were desperate and it wasn't a waste. I asked the nice policemen to sleep over but they laughed. I was dead serious. I had just posted last night about feeling safe and protected and even though this happened, i know i am compared to most people. I can change the locks and buy new things and it doesn't break me, but fuck it if it doesn't suck having a stranger snoop around your private life and steal from you. That certainly was a Friday the 13th if i ever had one. Although the kindness of everyone has been quite beautiful. Ive saged and burnt palo santo so should have cleared out their bad vibes. What a bloody day. All i wanted was an early Friday night, a nice bath and a cuppa Thyme tea and I thought meeting the Ocado Prince fan was a good sign ?! 😂❤️

When i walk past a van blasting Prince..... i need to stop and pay my respects. We shared a few minutes talking about Prince, his genius, our favourite albums and how we missed him. There's nothing like having a human moment with a complete stranger and a fellow Prince fan. I could have driven around with him making Ocado deliveries all day long......" Uptown, thats where i want to be. Uptown you can set your mind free " #prince #weloveyou #uptown

I was walking home tonight through Camden and there were so many homeless people sleeping on the street. A lot of them women. Imagine how it must feel to be sleeping on the streets at night and be a woman with no feeling of safety. Let alone the privacy to go to the toilet when you have your period. Its easy to say i feel grateful and i know im so so very privileged. I don't often feel gratitude for being able to go to the toilet in private or that i can buy tampons, organic, no less. But im feeling grateful tonight. I get to return to a warm, safe home each night. Where i am fed and loved and cared for. I sponsor a few beds @sheltercharity and i hope it makes a small difference. I like this video because it shows what a difference some help can make and that everyone has a story. Night ❤️🙏🏾

When blonde and black were my favourite colours pre yoga teaching.

Night ❤️🙏🏾

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