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Todays practice 💕

There are some days when the most simple things like catching the beauty of a sunset on your way home, or seeing your friend smiling or feeling the love of your tribe can just fill your heart with joy and appreciation.
Simple everyday things that we can sometimes miss when we ruminate about the past or the future and forget to be present.


A few things that I love.... Cups of tea
Brilliant books
Comfy beds
Nice cotton sheets
Time to take my time
Feeling calm and content
Ordinary and simple and quite wonderful things in my world today.
Feeling grateful 🙏🏾

“Being a romantic takes a hell of a lot of hope. I think what they mean is, when you find someone you love, it feels like hope” - Fleabag

Feeling it this morning

Don’t miss this show @serpentineuk
Emma Kunz ..... magical mystical white witch healer naturopath telepathic art.
It is said Emma Kunz took her shoes off when near large trees, in order to feel the streams of energy in the earth through her bare feet. She encouraged others to do the same, in the belief that waves vibrating within space and matter are perceptible to all, and that they are an expression of something that is alive. “Everything happens in accordance with a specific system of law. Which i feel within me, and which never allows me to rest.” - Emma Kunz

You can’t numb the hard feelings without numbing the Joy, the Gratitude and the Happiness - Brene Brown
Of course you have all watched her Ted Talk on Vulnerability, but its a good one to keep watching and reminding ourselves. I just watched it again and again.

Im very excited to be teaching and to have been asked to help curate the wellness area at @porthillyspirit
There will be amazing feasts, music, talks on all sorts but a great one on sustainability, walks, surf and loads of Cornish magic happening. Our brilliant friend @we_are_food is cooking up a veggie feast as well us some greats like @hiddenhut @tomos_pp @smokestakuk I got asked to curate a few special people to teach yoga, heal with Gongs, talk about plants and herbs, learn about aromatherapy oils, teach the benefits of journaling, meditation and breathing, and learn how to give your loved one a massage. . Workshops and wellness tricks.
@katianarainphillips and I will also be doing a little talk on Self-care and it’s benefits hosted by the esteemed and clever @sundaytimeslorraine . Its going to be good. And the Sun said it will shine. And if he doesn’t, the rain surely will pay us a welcome visit. So please come, And enjoy nature, unplugging and a bit of culture and wellness for the weekend 24-26 May

Good enough reason for me

I have been very lucky to have held the space and the hands of many birthing mothers and watched babies take their first breath. I have also held the hands and rubbed the feet of some people transitioning, waiting to take their last.
Both spaces are equally sacred and are the highest honour to be invited into.
This was a beautiful birth 10 years ago yesterday with @mastermanyogi
Lots of nipple stimulation to get the contractions going and out he popped in the water at home. ❤️

Happy Birthday @babaramdass
88 Today ✨
If you don’t know him, look him up. Not only some of the most beautiful and profound teachings but also some of my favourite all time quotes. ❤️

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