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STUDIOnadialavard  photographer, knitter, creative creator, storyteller 🇩🇰🇫🇴 hej [at] 🌿 dm for collab 🌿

Day dreaming about our beautiful day at Møns Klint. The kids had so much fun and it was wonderful to have wind in our hair. Or at least some of the hair that wasn’t covered in woollen knits. Photo by my best @karolineby that always makes sure that we have photos of me and the kids. The curse of being a photographer is that you never appear in photos 🙈

We went to Moens Klint. Both kids, aunty @karolineby and me. Our pockets were full of fossils and beautiful rocks. I cannot wait to go back.

Winding up our acorn dyed yarn 🧶 it’s incredible messy. Little strands of wool and black powder everywhere 😅 #studionadialavard

Sometimes I choose to overhear that feeling in my guts telling me it simply won’t work. Which is why I’m now frogging a size XL sweater. The fit was awful and I’ve spend way too much time trying to fix it - instead of simply starting over. #studionadialavard

I tend to disappear from here when things get a little hectic in real life. I do my best to live a slow life, and in order to do so I have to cut things out of my life every now and again. It didn’t mess with my knitting time, but I’m already 6 months behind on showing my creations *coughs* as for now I’m working on @lilalu72 #agirlsbestfriendshawl 😍

Gift | The other day Santa knocked on my door and gave me all this beautiful yarn. Okay, it was the delivery (wo)man. And she threw it at my door. However, I’m so thrilled by the glittery #stjernestøv and soft #snefnug the real Santa, Trine from @camarosedk, sent me 😍😍 I cannot wait to make magic with this yarn!

A test knit for @myfavouritethings.knitwear quickly turned into two beanies. The first is made with two strands of #handdyedyarn and one strand of @garnudsalg s super kid mohair. Dyed by Baldur, knitted by me, gift for Alda ❤️ the other beanie is strands of @camarosedk s llama wool in off white and light grey (one of each) and one strand of Drops Brushed Alpaca in light grey. A quick yet lovely knit ☺️

I’m prepping for a test knit. It definitely calls for hand dyed yarn (what doesn’t?!), if you ask me! Cannot wait to cast on, @myfavouritethings.knitwear 🙌🏼 #studionadialavard

This cardigan was knit up so perfectly. But then I ran out of yarn. I’m contemplating on making it a crop cardigan or with a rather weird colour change. However, the alpacka solo yarn from @jarbogarn gifted by @garnodk is so soft and wonderful to work with (yes, I said it! I actually like working with something soft! Who would’ve thought?!), so I’ll probably end up frogging it - and knit it up with a single thread instead of two. #studionadialavard
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We have four different sorts of apples in our garden. Two of the trees were ready to be harvested during the summer, the rest were ready last weekend. They all needed a good scrub before being laid in the basement to mature. In two weeks time we’ll turn it into the most amazing apple must and cider 🍎🍏⠀
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I had a few days off of work last week. We spend one of those at #trelleborg, a 1000 year old Viking castle. They got to paint swords and make necklaces of tin with the help from a “real” Viking. Alda is mesmerised by the stories from the Middle Ages. So am I. I love to explore the world and history with them ❤️

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