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always  nadia k waheed paintings & drawings & collabs- SYD, AUS check out my story to see what I'm working on!

this was done under two hours but it was by far the most difficult one compositionally. I've been doing things differently all day today! going on nineteen hours in studio so probably my brain is starting to rattle around but sleep when ya deaaaddddddd- !! or in like ten minutes. either way hahah

hahahhaha trying out something new don't know how i feel about it!! gonna try to tie it in but worst case i can just paint over it woohoo!

working working. need to pick up the pace on these puppies, excited for where they're heading

closeup of an oldie :)

detail of an older work- i'm gonna go ham on those two massive paintings today. no thinking just getting in there. i'm feeling studio today, thank god. you guys havin an alright day?

read a book!

experimenting a bit with these stone carvings I'm doing with @nagastonedesign. i think i like the look of this more than just the naked carving (second image). what do you guys think?

rough beginning- really really really rough ! i'm gonna pull dis baby the fuuuuck in today. don't mind the blue tape haha

i still have a bit of editing to do but FINALLY!! i got a decent shot of this monstrosity(4ft ballpoint/marker) all thanks to my ultimate homebro @alastair_woods !!! huge huge ups to him for having the know how/equipment to deal with something like this! i'll be posting more details shots later but for now zoom in and have fun exploring! ONLY took four freaking months to get a decent picture !!! HA HA HA FUCK

where i'm at with the big drawing (1.25m/4ft) i should just be knocking this out real quick but the size makes it harder to work the space compositionally. hm. s'all right! i'll get there haha

another object.
today I'm shooting some work (that fckn blue one god i hate it) and i'm gonna work on the big painting. I've become a bit precious and instead of just going straight into it i'm painting and cutting out little things and sticking them here and there hahaha. i work the best when i don't think about what i'm doing, i start wiggin out when i get into a hesitant phase like this one. TODAY it ends. ( -> flow state)

here's the process video from last night, better angle now huh? haha, i'm in studio hella early ready to hit it!

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