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Someone to put this weight on 🌲#travel #vancouver @amaddmon @thealmontes

Why am I as tall as them while they're sitting down tho 😂😂I also didn't realize on stage there was a giant Nadia above me

I swear I use to keep you waiting 💭

Fatty Phelps 🏊🏼 Cue Mobb Deep-Hey Luv

Grown Woman with creases🥞@goodamerican bodysuit #goodsquad

Somewhere north of Vancouver 🌲#travel

Last night in Vancouver

Good Waist Exposed Zip Black 001 @goodamerican #goodsquad

Comfy season

When you find out he's a fck boy and/or doesn't eat butt. When you see Amber Rose's pic and regret getting laser hair removal and it's too late to go back. Let's play a game below of "when you find out..."

Ok so I've been having OD lower back pain for a while or so now but just figured bc I sleep on my stomach that's why it was hurting but last Monday I decided to see a chiropractor and a bitch found out today she has mild scoliosis so it's not too bad right now. I was kinda sad at first but ended up quoting Drakes "me with all those curves and you without no brakes" within like two hours to try and make light of the situation. This post isn't just about my back it's about me all around feeling like shit physically and mentally. Regardless of my back or not, I want to have an entire lifestyle change for myself and get back to when I was feeling good physically. I gained over the past years and haven't always felt the best physically and this is just something extra on top of my PCOS and missing a lot of cycles and fluctuation of weight and now I need to focus on building muscle in my stomach and back so I can try to control some pain. I was probably 30lbs lighter when I began blogging 7 years ago and can remember how good I felt back then. I've had energy these past few days by cooking healthier meals instead of getting take out and trying to meditate to center myself stress wise too. Either way, I honestly wanted to go away for like 2-3 months and just focus on my health but figured if I did that some people would be concerned where I was and also if I came back looking smaller you guys would be like what's happening? I mentioned it on twitter and most people think I should blog or vlog about my journey and I think it's important to just bc u guys have been a part of my life for like 7 years and don't want to leave you out. And...u never know, it could possibly help someone along the way who might be in pain like me. Anyways is #scoliosissquad too soon to hashtag? Ok let me stop joking and get my life together. Also, u can see the start of my buttcrack in the pic on the left hahaha

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