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Nai  Aussie girl living life a mani at a time Please give credit! Nails: #nadeekaynails Tutes: #nadeekaytutorials Want me to see? #ndkinspo #looknadeekay

My first Italian gelato in Verona. So good. 🍦🍦
A bit of a #latergram. Just a touch late....Whatevs, you all know I'm still alive.

Watch where you're going when you're walking, kiddies!
#alwayslookingforward #ornot

Sunset gradients are fuunnn. Rich purples and oranges are everything.

I used @nailuminium's tutorial for this one. My linework has gone to shit, but not entirely a write off!
Hers is clearly much better though. No delusions here...

⚪️🔴Red and white. Simples! 🔴⚪️

Skittle zigzags in pastels and bolds.
I used @teismom vinyls for the zigzags. Gotta get the hang of them a bit more to avoid the messy edges, I think.

Some very pretty, very VERY girly nails that are totally unlike me, but I was feelin it, so I did it, and I LOVE it. Haha
What are some things you do that are totally out of character but make you happy nonetheless?

I loved this nail in the skittle I did a while back so much that I decide to recreate it as a full mani.

Little bit of the scaled gradient action going on here.
For my first one I decided to go simple with it.

Some blue reciprocal gradients for your Saturday viewing pleasure. God I love a good gradient. Unf.

Celeb Stalking at #crowncasino, night before the logies with da gurlz
Happy birthday @nichec 😘🍷🎂🎁
@ilanasrth @gilalow @chanit_g

Some more, belated, #bluenailsforautism
These ones inspired by @nail_art_tirnak, though obviously hers are better!
Gotta get my line work back up to scratch!
#lightitupblue #autismawareness #paintitblue

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