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nada  Cat lady 🐯👵🏻. tequila drinker 🌵🥃. pizza eater 🍕🍕. creative director 👩🏻‍💻. Blind Copy Creative:

13 years after my first day as a @UCF.knight, i finally made it to my first football game. 🤷🏻‍♀️🏈 #ClassOf2008

Recent Work: @noellescaggs #GreatForYou
Taking a song and an idea from conception to execution and making the vision of the music match the visuals is my favorite. Esp when I’m working with one of my best friends and my crazy talented team. Full video at 🔥💦 #blindcopycreative
Director: @slatedawgg
Actors: @emmaasummers @jerrodcphillips
Photographer: @acaciaevans

A leopard and a polar bear go to an @atlhawks / @miamiheat game. cc: @katiemancuso #NBA 🏀

🐯⚽️ the best model for new @nashvillesc gear for babies is my cat.

Definitely thinking about food here. #BlindCopyCreative ▪️▪️▪️ On Set for @jpowmusic
Director: @slatedawgg
Photographer: @acaciaevans
Stylist: @styledbyrainagir
Assistant: @nickjonesk8

Put me on a flight back to London now, please. 🇬🇧 photo: @rd_vvvvv_dr

Another #RBF moment with some help from @makeupbylibbybarnes’ hands 👐
I should start a series with these. // this was from the #blindcopycreative @forbes shoot

Headlining #RedRocks ... jk but @noellescaggs really did. Perfect first show to see here.

In honor of the @predsnhl home opener tonight > that time i pulled out a stuffed cat fish while talking to Ryan Ellis 🐟 (ps i know this is not a cat fish, i think)

Photo: @sierraswenson

Had fun creating a strategy + creative for the release of my girl @kelleighbannen’s @thisnashvillelife podcast season 3💫 first three episodes up right meow!


My @nashvillesc broadcast partner @ronowoodard capturing my forever mood. Wait for the 🙄

“Typical Nada. When life gives you lemons, you put them on a one piece and go to Miami.” - @kaykres 🍋🍋