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Eleonora Nada Klarissa 

[🎁Happy Birthday AMSA-Undip!🎁]
Today I, Nada Klarissa, as a part of this big family, wish AMSA-Undip, our beloved HOME, a superb year filled with more laughter, love, and happiness, and gives us memories and experiences that we will cherish in all the days ahead ❤
For its' birthday! .
Happy Birthday AMSA-Undip! Hope we have a wonderful year ahead 🎉🎉🎉 stay awesome ✨✨
Together we Shine Brighter✨

[AMSA IS OUR HOME🏘] Saya, Nada Klarissa bangga menjadi bagian dari keluarga besar AMSA-Undip

Bagi saya, AMSA-Undip itu adalah sahabat yang tahu kekuranganmu, tapi menunjukkan kelebihanmu; yang tahu ketakutanmu, tapi menunjukkan keberanianmu.

AMSA-Undip will always be there to welcome you home 🏠

Together we Shine Brighter

[International Woman's Day]

Do you know?? There are 321.572 assault cases on women in 2015. National Committe for Women said that every 2 hours, 3 women in Indonesia assaulted sexually

I, Nada Klarissa, by joining this campaign like to raise awareness that all women should be treated equally regardless of their race, faith nor nationality.
Happy International Women's Day

#InternationalWoman& #39;sDay


EOTY is an annual event held by all university members of AMSA-Indonesia. This year's event intend to raise awareness towards hypertension and how to prevent it.

Many people think that hypertension is not that dangerous, but do you know that hypertension is the leading cause to another heart and blood related complication? It may even lead to death!😱😭. This is why people call it as The Silent Killer.

By eating healthy foods,
I am one step forward to prevent hypertension!

I am Eleonora Nada Klarissa from AMSA-Undip. Our EOTY will be held on May. Keep yourself updated and go follow our instagram! @amsaundip

So happy to meet you guys tonight! Thank you babe @maggiehandoko

Understand, that you will not understand everything.

Hbd, abang.

Happy birthday to youuu my twinnie! ❤❤

Throwback to the beautiful days in this July ❤
Captured by the beautiful @maggiehandoko 🌼

Oh how I've missed those days already.

Keep calm and wear glasses

Let's start off the new semester prepared, optimistic, and well-organized only for everything to go to shhh by week #2

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