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- Ayanna 💦 (aye-yon-nah) 💧  S|I|N|G|L|E🔓 - Sa'sha 💕|| Miyah😍|| Makayla💞 || Kell💘

Just cause I miss my white diva 😩❣💖... Love you girly 😩😘


Throwbaccck to my horse-haired bihhh 😻😭

✨Caption this💖

😻Ima Keep It Moving 👸🏾 💅🏽& Be Classy💄And Graceful🙏🏾💕
"The Queen Is Back" 😍

Sister Sunday 👭❣🔐

✨Keep your head high☺️, keep your chin up 😊and most importantly keep smiling 😌because life's a beautiful thing 😍and there's so much to smile about ✨ #TB

Just cause I haven't posted in a while 💕😘😈

Good girl gone bad 😈👐🏼💦💕

👑Queen "A" is all you hear in these streets😱.... Why? Cause can't nobody do it better than me😈💕💁🏽

Omg pat you just don't know how much Ima really miss you ..... You were the only one I knew that kept a smile on your face , you made sure everyone else was happy before you made your self happy IMA miss you baby boy rest easy 😘👼🙏