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Jessie Santiago  Of what use is it to make heroic vows of amendment when the same ol law breaker is the keeper ⚖🔫Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Outlaw #clubplugradio


Years ago there was this old timer whom I'm content with calling my friend. He was almost 20 years older than my father but he took liking to me. Every time he saw me he would embrace me and who ever I was with and we'd laugh and converse for hours. I'd always leave before him and when my bill came like clockwork he would stop me from paying and say "Money I have. Friends I need" In between our laughs and conversation this old timer taught me to be a friend to people not because of who they are but because of who I am. #mobway #ttd New Video From @ttdcobby_ Drops Today #mobshit #ttdcobby #washingtondc #westvirginia #maryland #cpr #clubplugradio

I thought engineering was only for the good students.... I jumped over all them niggas like they 5'6". Got the heart of a lion ... Don't you ever forget #leadengineer 🦁📋

When you got the owner of the establishment in the palm of you hand #versaceonthefloor #blackbusiness #blackdancers #washingtondc #justdance #handdance #sassyproductions

Where I been? Getting to it. Going through and getting through it. running round killing sh!t. Telling cops I didn't do it #washingtondc #batlife

I never met her. I never danced with her before and I've never danced her form of dancing before. I try to teach my students that even tho our dance is culturally native the techniques that I'll teach you will transcend all styles. It's not like when you learn to dance salsa and you need someone else who dances salsa and a salsa beat. Our students can dance anywhere to any music with anyone and at anytime. @justdancehanddance #notyourgranddadshanddance

I just happened to look down like when the fuck I buy some light up shoes 😮#margiela forever


Gut hanging over my belt like a #realnigga

Niggas'll cross the T's and dot the i's 🍾 #HappyBirthday #rip


Free my OG from the constraints in her mind. She's instaMcTutionalized ⚖

In the cut like Peroxide 🤕✂️

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