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NON∃ Hz  feel yourself /express yourself / leave it there / Move 🔁


confidence in Nothing..

Demo #antiracism cologne

🇹🇷 türkische Mafia LOL

TÜRKİYE🇹🇷 ! We did Not vote ourselves out of democracy as some would have you believe. We were cheated out of democracy. There is enough evidence, the facts are out there ! - The Supreme Electoral Council decided half way through the election to accept envelopes of votes that had not been officially stamped (this is completely illegal ) - Videos were seen of polling station leaders stamping votes after the official voting had been over , electricity cuts were seen again in certain cities , people were not allowed to enter the polling station to witness the counting of the votes ( as they were stopped by police or polling station leaders)


Mood M E L L O V ∃🌹

Hypnotized last night @samphaaa 💛

I can not help but follow. I feel the deep, i walk through the dark still follow.
I see the light , feel the real and i follow.
I am wondering why not always , what is inbetween ?
I am learning everyday a little bit about the magic and the beauty behind the unknown.
We are deeply connected and when we allow us to feel it , there is nothing more than this.
Its in the air smell it.
I love you .
https://soundcloud.com/nonehz/drop 🦋
Director,editor, producer by @n__hz lots of love for the spirit of Fuerteventura Dunes
music @n__hz

Fitting sunday @rohstudios coming 🦋

Day party #recondite best

Me looking for the serotonin my brain isn't producing lol ☹️ mood LOL

Jazz 🌹

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