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Nathan Novak  Dad. Husband. Geek. Drummer.

Seems legit.

I don’t know what’s more scary; sending @kaitlync_novak off to the DR for a week or the fact that our daughter is about to be in HIGH SCHOOL! 😳😱🤯

Worship behind the scenes. Here’s what happens between services. #donuts #sprinkles #sundayseat #worshipdrummer

Back line is the best line. #bandbuddies4life

That was an absolute Zoot Suit Riot! Thanks for a fantastic evening gents! #cherrypoppindaddies

Cherry Poppin Daddies soon. But first, 🍷 and 🥩 and my favorite 👩🏻‍🦰.

Hide and Seek Level: MASTER

This weekend’s project: accent wall and new headboard. A year and a half after moving in, time to start making this place a home. 😉

My wife has always been the more level-headed one on our relationship.

NOT the wake up call I was hoping for at 7am. #whoneedssleep

Why the 45 minute drive home from work is worth it. This is from a few days ago, taken by a fellow #SnoqualmieRidge resident. #sunset #mtsi #mountain #lake #clouds

They used to laugh and call him names ... used to.

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