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one of the more magical places i've been to. right below the tree line is the edge of a frozen, snow covered lake. as i was hiking up here i met a guy with a cute dog and we hung out right here soaking it all in. // 9 days ago i left for a solo weekend trip for a national park. the plan was to be home last week but i'm still out living on the road enjoying my time here. i don't know when i'll be back home. :)

On Friday I started planning a small, 4 day trip by myself up the California coast to Monterey. I got back Tuesday night. It was the first time I've ever hiked solo and ended up completing about 10 miles. I slept in my car in 3 different locations along the coast as I made my way up north. Overall, it was amazing and it turned out better than I hoped. There's a different feel when traveling alone for that long. It's odd thinking back on it now only a few days ago and being unable to reminisce with someone you shared that moment with. It's not better or worse, just different. One of my favorite parts of this road trip was waking up at sunrise and walking into the quiet, fog-filled redwood forest alone as I followed a river upstream. The peace, sense of grandeur, and appreciation for life was exaggerated as I was alone with my thoughts. I always felt like I was dependent on other people to go out and travel and I'm hoping this is the start of future solo travels. I was in Big Sur this time last year and I feel like it's a good way to end 2016.

I have a few other photos up on my instagram story from the 4 days.

was able to escape the concrete jungle this weekend for a 13 mile hike at 10,000 feet to a set of the most beautiful glacial lakes. i've had my eyes set on this area since early this year and it's nice to be able to get it done. on to the next one.

left the house around 8:00pm and headed up to the top of mt. piños. got there at 8:40. got out of the car with our eyes adjusted to the darkness. the moon was still out and a bit bright. but we waited for the moon to set at 11:56 as we napped under the stars. when we woke up the sky was so bright with no light at all. we saw several shooting stars light up the night sky and it was unlike anything I've ever seen. there's a meteor shower tonight! get to a dark place and watch the light show!

first light over the virgin river. this was the first time i've woken up for the sole purpose of shooting sunrise. watching the valley slowly illuminate with no one else around was quite the experience. will shoot sunrise more often.

7,503 feet in elevation. 3,500 feet above the valley floor.

about a year ago i had very little knowledge of yosemite. this spot was one of the major contributing factors that pushed me to learn more about yosemite and other national parks in general. this was my second trip to yosemite this year and it was just as beautiful. the scenery throughout the whole park is unbelievable and should be experienced by everyone. i've developed a greater appreciation for the outdoors; researching hikes, viewpoints, parks, traveling through the pacific northwest, going on weekend trips, etc. i hope to come back later this year to venture into the backcountry.

three bears were seen on my way to this spot. two in the car and one on foot on the hike. all three within a hundred feet.

what's pictured is a viewpoint of the valley where president taft had a lunch of fried chicken on his hike guided by john muir from glacier point to yosemite valley (october 1909).

sequoia national park.

spent the weekend in yosemite with some friends

347 feet above the flowing water.
had the opportunity to tour a lot of oregon and washington through a week long road trip with @uziidoesit

got back from a camping trip up north yesterday. the northern pacific coast is beautiful

stayed at the beach this weekend with the homies. one of the nicest beaches i've been to

Los Leones Canyon hiking trail with @uziidoesit.

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