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NICOLE ARNOLD  Worth It is now available for preorder⬇️



"Worth It" is officially available for preorder on my website! The link to my website is in my bio in my profile on all social media accounts. This project has been the most exhilarating and rewarding thing I've ever done and I'm so excited to finally share it with you. •

I think God places specific passions on each person's heart for very specific reasons. My passion and focus for the last several years has been encouragement - specifically, encouragement to a generation of women who don't feel good enough or talented enough to be used by God. I hope this book will propel you to embrace a worth deeper than the surface, a worth that lasts, a worth deeply embedded in Christ. •


The best of times. ❤️

As much as he treats me incredibly publicly, how he treats me on a daily basis far surpasses the public display. •

Choose someone who continually pursues you for all the right reasons. #HeDeservesAnAwardOrTen

The last of Tuesday projects.

Today I'm really thankful for the people in my life who have invested time, energy and creativity in making my dream a reality. There's a quote that says, "We are made of those who have built and broken us". •

No man is an island, but instead we are comprised of the people who pour into us. I'm so grateful for those who have built me. #HereWeGo

Late drives + sunsets

A few months ago Tiahra walked through the doors our church and made it very apparent that she didn't believe in God or the power of God. But today she was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. Watching her transformation over the past few months has been nothing short of unreal. God is so good!!

Tuesday Projects part 1,2434 Ft. Snarky Puppy.

"Jazz music was invented by the first generation out of slavery. I thought that was beautiful because, while it is music, it is very hard to put on paper; it is so much more a language of the soul. It is as if the soul is saying something, something about freedom. I think Christian spirituality is Like jazz music. I think loving Jesus is something you feel. I think it is something very difficult to get on paper. But it is no less real, no less meaningful, no less beautiful. The first generation out of slavery invented jazz music. It is a music birthed out of freedom. And that is the closest thing I know to Christian Spirituality."

Easily makes my top five favorite books list. You know a writer gets you when he can make you both laugh and cry while reading his book in public. This. Book.

What can you say about a man who has sacrificed, given, invested, instilled and cultivated so very much into so many. The truth is I couldn't write a post that would be adequate of him. And I couldn't write an accurate depiction of how incredible he is.

What I can say is this - Dad has truly instilled a deep love for God into our hearts. He has showed us that failures do not define us. He has invested time and energy and prayer into our God given dreams. He has shown us what sacrificial living looks like. He has lived the life of a true servant behind closed doors. All while making us laugh continuously. Happy birthday to the Very BEST. I love you more than you know. #50Fun

I will build my life upon Your love, it is a firm foundation.

We miss the Mackinac smell - the scent of horses and fudge. #TakeMeBack

21 has been the most wonderful birthday by a long shot. Today I'm reminded how fortunate I am to have the kindest, most considerate friends and loved ones. And quite possibly the most amazing boyfriend in existence. God has truly blessed me more than I deserve.

Here's to a year of big dreams + answered prayers. #TwentyFun #MackinacIsland

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