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n.iii  Beats 🎶 🎧 Breaks 📓✒️ and Broken Hearts 🖤 Life in Lyrics and Letters 🎤

Tale as old as time.

Why you checking if you're over it? Why you say “let go" if you're still holding it? Just a little bit better at faking it than me, baby. 🎵: @kehlani @calvinharris @lilyachty “Faking It”

Lullaby and good night.

Wild thing. You make my heart sing.

He worked with her, she was his lady's best friend. Even if they don't try some ladies test men. And this was a test that was bigger than him. Some believe its the nature that is given to men. He had a good gig, a wife, a kid, a decent home; one reason or another couldn't find peace at home. She asked, "Why do men always have to stray?" He said, "I'm bad, not as bad as Eric Benet; I used to take 'em out to eat but they wasn't really eatin. Mighta got a little head but I wasn't really cheatin'". It's hard when your lady don't believe what you say. And what you did in the past you gotta live with today. 🎵: @common “Faithful”

Strumming my pain with his fingers.

Let this song cry.

Sometimes I hide. When you FaceTime I text you back a lie cause I'm afraid to look back in your eyes. I'm terrified you were love of my life. 🎵: @jidenna “Bambi”

Thief in the night.

Submission games.

Used to break my neck for you. Spend my paycheck on you. Put my account in the red for you. Damn near put myself in debt for you. You made me obsessed for you. Thought I had the same effect on you. Couldn't see I was the best for you. Now you gotta figure out what's next for you. Now you feel regret, oh, do you? Baby, I could care less for you. Trust, I'm not even sweating you. You ran me dry, bet it gets to you. Out of respect for you I curved bitches on the internet for you. I lost all respect for you. Baby, it's my turn to flex on you. 🎵: Bryson Tiller “Run Me Dry”

I won’t lie. If I weren’t in this spiderweb of mine....

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