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we're sorry we don't come on here anymore, but thank you guys for everything. there's been so much and tbh running a fan page isn't really fun for us anymore. we obviously still have love for the guys and everything and we love everything they do but we just don't run this page anymore. we do thank all of you for all that you've done with following, shouting out, and supporting our page. we love you guys. thank you for the constant support. and please follow our personals. if you need anyone to talk to, we're here. thank you guys. ❤ -morgan and jaisha

take a seat

@keithpowers you ok boo ?

follow dat

she blocked me for saying the truth :D but do i care.......NAHHHHH sis needs a new lace

he's a precious gift. look at his face when he said it😋


until there's a video he innocent.

i'm such a dick. i have no idea why i don't like ryan and keith together. they both have my love and support through anything and everything but tbh i feel like it's just me but, they relationship seems weird. that's just my thought for the day.💞

here's some tea for yo ass (: . the director of Star made Alex and Derek break up because Ryan was dating Keith and Keith was insecure ASF and was like , "nah this shit ain't happening." and talked to the director and now #dalex is having problems. i'm done (:

follow my page and lmr please (:

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