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Mz Skittlez  Ceo of @cupcakemafia 3 locations , Best selling author of "The icing on top ain't always sweet". Owner of @theicingagency. Brand Strategist

Jealously will have you gossiping about who you should be learning from.... do you agree?

When they say let me talk to the boss and I reply, I AM THE BOSS....

With all the bricks that was thrown at me, I took them and built a factory in china! ❤️ yes it’s stressful, yes it’s a lot of work, yes it’s sleepless nights but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Ladies is really out here getting it!! THIS IS the perfect pic and if this don’t motivate you ladies I don’t know what will. This 40 plus year old lady is pushing this 200 pound shipment to its destination. She didn’t care about my pic at all lol. She is determined to get it! Let’s this be your year! I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care your current situation,
I don’t care how many times you messed up in life, START TODAY! Don’t invest your time and money in another bad relationship, a man that don’t want to see you win. Don’t spend any more time with friends that don’t want to help you build! They wanna go to the club but won’t help you ship packages or be your model. Don’t hold another person down that won’t hold you down! Don’t invest in another materialistic thing that only going to impress someone that is doing worse than you! INVEST IN YOU! Your business, your happiness, your savings account! YOU CAN WIN THIS YEAR, I believe it... comment amen if you agree!

It’s always been odd to me how someone can pay 50,000 to learn from someone that never done it before.. “college - you are learning how to be a business manager from a teacher that has never had a business”. Now don’t get it confused I did it, I have a degree but I also spent time and money learning from people that ACTUALLY RAN A BUSINESS! It baffles me that people want everything handed to them or “free information” or free coaching, or free put me on but in the same sentence say “i might go back to school! 😕 I’m going to tell you this in the most humble way you better start investing in information. That one coaching call could set you up for greatness, that one coach could help you understand what your doing wrong. Do the research, trust the person, check the reviews and stop taking advice from people who need it themselves. I’m not bashing college or saying don’t go, but if you are like I was when I got out of college, lost In debt with no real steps to take then hire someone that can help you climb the steps... some of these people at the top won’t even look down let alone offer a hand up... you better get around some people that’s going to take you up not pull you down! (I only have coaching sessions open for 23/24 July) please book on the website

Everyone is gifted ... some open their gifts sooner.... (ladies I can not personally search for vendors out here if I don’t have your fee in my cash app) 😩

wifey for lifey

SAVE $150 TODAY IF YOU LOCK IN YOUR SPOT! NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $500 !! This trip is going to be everything and then some.... So many special guest, so many money making moments! FOR ALL THE GIRLS THAT SAY “I don’t have anyone to travel with, or I don’t have girls around me to learn from, or I really need the secrets to success! GET YOUR SPOT TODAY!! ❤️

As long as you hold a special place in a man’s heart .... you will always hold a space in a woman’s search bar!! Find me in PARIS! #skittlezbridegang

People that never been ON, always talking about who “falling off” ! Headed to china ❤️ TOP @cupcakemafiaatl RESTOCKING NEXT WEEK

TAG A CLEVELAND GIRL BELOW! If you are a GIRLBOSS OR FUTURE GIRL BOSS YOU SHOULD BE IN ATTENDANCE.. tickets are available at @frombroken2purpose. Can’t wait to hear from @madaboutmeechie @iambijoustar @b_the_jeweler @1ashleyjanelle @thehairgroupie and @mzskittlez !! Tickets will go fast!!!

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