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Mohamed Zeyara  Medical student. Outreach Director of PiousProjects. Born in Canada. Raised in the city of angels and heroes; Gaza. Youtube, SC and Twitter: @mzeyara

Gaza is going to be lit tomorrow, thousands of tires will be burnt near the Israeli border. End the seige on Gaza.

Sheikh mohamed zeyara mashallah :)

The beautiful Niagara Falls.

Real men doing their everyday thing. Protecting our sister from Israeli bullets. #Gaza

My brother Yahya. May Allah reward you for all the work you do for people across the world. Looking forward to continuing this journey together. We basically think of ideas together to help others in need, then implement them immediately; my favorite type of friendship. See you later man.

My man Faisal!!! Missing our conversations already brother. Hoping to see you again soon iA.

Speaking tonight in Whitechapel London. Would love to have you guys join the discussion inshallah. Link in my bio.

Drawing of Muhammad Al-Dura in the busiest spot in Bamako. The kid who was shot to death while using his father and a barrel as shield from Israeli bullets. This incident took place 18 years ago in Gaza Strip. A painful day in Gaza. The video is still easily found online.
Long live Palestine. Long live the unity.

"Makes visible what without you, might perhaps have never been seen." Filming the lens replacements and cataract removals was a humbling experience.

Salam all,
Inshallah I will be attending Empowerful 3 in London UK on October 21st. We’ll be talking about finding potential and putting your ideas to work! Event link in my bio.

At this very moment, one of the most persecuted groups on the planet is once again being ethnically cleansed by Myanmar’s military. Rohingya people are a stateless Indo-Aryan people from Rakhine State, Myanmar. Here are quick facts that everyone should know and share. -There are 1.3 million Rohingya Muslims, only 40,000 recognized by the state.
-United Nations announced over 120,000 Rohyingya people have fled to Bangladesh in the last 2 weeks.
-Many families have drowned in the process. -400,000 are estimated to be trapped in conflict zones in Northern Rakhine at this moment. -Aid groups reported rapid decrease in medical aid, while 40-50% increase in injured patients.
-Over 20,000 people are estimated to be ‘stuck’ in no man’s land between Bangladesh and Myanmar border.
-Human Rights Watch cited satellite evidence of widespread burning in at-least 10 parts of Rakhine state.
-Myanmar's military confessed to massacring only 400, however, the United Nations estimated the death toll at “around a thousand."
-Many refugees whom fled the genocide have reported seeing groups of muslims being tied then slaughtered. This is the style of this genocide. "One mother recounted in the report how her five-year-old daughter was trying to protect her from rape when a man “took out a long knife and killed her by slitting her throat” -independent UK -Image by Daily NHT

Dr. Z :)

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