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Mohamed Zeyara  Medical student. Outreach Director of PiousProjects. Born in Canada. Raised in the city of angels and heroes; Gaza. Youtube, SC and Twitter: @mzeyara

Let's go!! #wethenorth

I can't keep up with my niece..

يا محمد يا زر الورد، ياللي دوبك خمس سنين، إحكيلي كيف خوفت الجيش؟ قصدي جيش المحتلين.

First Aid, uWorld, NBMEs, USMLErx and Pathoma; with a touch of 1948.

20 days left!

So proud of the @medspiration team for making this inspiring video. These guys are so good. I've said this to my brother @medspired before, and I'll say it here again. If there is an instagram account that I sit down and spend time reading their long descriptions, it's @medspiration. Whether you're a medical professional or not, follow them. Their posts are so educational and humbling in many different ways.
For medical students, and specifically for those planning on taking the USMLE's, my brother @alex_a_612_ here is the man. Watch his video and keep up with his posts. I promise you'll find him beneficial and inspiring. Link in my bio.

Wishing the @medspiration team all the best and can't wait to see you guys again. Keep going.

One of the new Mosques being built in Bamako, Mali. What do you guys think of the new look?

As I was about to drive from The Six back to Chicago, I was held back, again. It's always frustrating when things don't go according to plan. And it's no easy task to be certain in believing that we plan and God is the best of planners, especially during these situations.
My plan was to hit the road Friday afternoon, and reach Chicago around midnight. Plan demolished.
I meet up with my friends Friday evening in Tdot. We are hanging out in my car because we the north. As I reverse, my car's axle unexpectedly cracks.

If Allah did not stop me from driving out to Chicago, the axle would've undoubtedly cracked on my way to Chicago. Even if that didn't cause a crash, just saving me the headache of dealing with a dysfunctional car in the middle of nowhere was worth the trip being canceled.

Point is, when things don't go the way you've planned, just wait. You'll soon realize the answer to why that happened.

Last night's Super moon.

As soon as I saw this picture, I remembered something beautiful Imam Siraj Wahaj told me. You see the man on the left side of the picture? That’s brother Abdul-Qadir. Imam Siraj and brother Abdul-Qadir have been best friends for over 50 years! Isn’t that amazing?? Now that’s brotherhood! Mashallah!* Shiekh Alaa Elsayed (right), no words can describe how much you’ve helped me ever since I was a kid. My entire journey began when you randomly pulled a chair and told me to sit next to you during one of your talks. Only real leaders go out of their way to provide opportunities for others. It is always my pleasure to call you my mentor and my teacher.. May Allah bless our beloved teachers and reward them for all the time they invest into benefiting our community.

The ones who reflect, will see a sign of Allah's existence in every direction they look.

سمعت رسول الله ، صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول‏:‏ “قال الله تعالى‏:‏ يا ابن آدم، إنك ما دعوتني ورجوتني غفرت لك على ما كان منك ولا أبالي، يا أبن آدم، لو بلغت ذنوبك عنان السماء، ثم استغفرتني غفرت لك ، يا ابن آدم، إنك لو أتيتنى بقراب الأرض خطايا، ثم لقيتني لا تشرك بي شيئاً، لأتيتك بقرابها مغفرة‏" Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Allah, the Exalted, has said: 'O son of adam, I forgive you as long as you pray to Me and hope for My forgiveness, whatever sins you have committed. O son of 'Adam, I do not care if your sins reach the height of the heaven, then you ask for my forgiveness, I would forgive you. O son of 'Adam, if you come to Me with an earth load of sins, and meet Me associating nothing to Me, I would match it with an earth-load of forgiveness."

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