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6 Years ago today, I sat my laptop on this kitchen counter, pushed record on my webcam & filmed my very first curly hair video! On that day I never “planned” on becoming a YouTuber or a natural hair influencer... I was just REALLY excited about finding some products that worked AMAZING on my curls & I thought that if I could help just a FEW other curly peeps out there, it’d be worth it. 😬 I never dreamed that to this day, my channel would reach over 328,000 people across the world! I am so grateful for every single one of you. 😫🥰🙌🏽🙏🏽 Thank you all so much for watching my videos every week! You have made these past 6 years so enjoyable. NEW VIDEO just went up in honor of my YouTube Anniversary, I’m reacting to my VERY FIRST VIDEO! 😳🤣🙈 & there juuuuust might be a giveaway involved... 👀😱 Comment below & tell me what is your FAVORITE BiancaReneeToday video? 🤗❤️ Click the link in my bio for giveaway details, I’m choosing 3 Winners!! 1 OG sub who’s watched me since 2013, 1 sub from YouTube & 1 follower from IG! ❤️❤️❤️

Yesterday someone commented on my video asking if my teeth were fake because they looked “too perfect” & asked if I had veneers. My first reaction was *in Soulja Boy’s voice* 🗣 VENEERS!?!? 🤣🤣 but then I thought hey... she doesn’t know that this is just the result of 4 YEARS of braces, rubber bands, retainers and NECK GEAR!!! *Swipe* 🙈 The struggle was real. BUT, this way of thinking is something we are all guilty of. We look at people and say WOW how come they have that!? Thinking it was gained instantly. When in reality, you have no idea what they had to do to get to that point. Believe it or not, there was life before Instagram & there is life OFF Instagram. We often just showcase our wins more than our losses. ❤️ Comment below if you have/ had braces! If you have Invisalign... I have no sympathy for your struggle... 🗣 that’s a luxury!! 🤣🙌🏽❤️

1st time reviewing a DEWY Foundation for DRY skin... on my oily skin... 🙃 & my 4th time doing a Rice Water Rinse for Hair growth! This time I’m using Peppermint oil! 2 NEW VIDEOS on my channel RIGHT NOW! What type of skin do you have, oily, dry, normal or combination? Does my hair look longer? 🧐 Lemme know 😌 LINKS IN IG STORY!

FOCUS. This word started off as just the title of my favorite song. A song which lead me to my love for @hermusicofficial . But then this word kept appearing in my life, over & over again. In conversations and even in scripture. What we choose to FOCUS on can make or break our hearts. It’s so easy to FOCUS on the negative, the things we hate, the things we don’t have, the hurt. But I’ve learned that by doing so, we are giving too much power to pain. I suffer from “nostalgia-itis”. I let the “good times” overshadow bad. My favorite thing to do is reminisce over the many memories made with the people I love. I spend hours planning events so that more memories can be made. This is because I FOCUS on love, family, friendship, forgiveness and faith. This is what makes my heart full. So with all of the many distractions in the world, sometimes I need to remind myself to FOCUS on whats truly important, because what I choose to FOCUS on, is what will be.
Temporary Tattoo by @inkdaze 😏
Those who only Focus on what they see, may never know the truth... but you do, because you read this entire caption. 😉❤️

Fluffing for volume is a CRUCIAL part of getting ready... & dancing. Also very important. 😋 Do y’all think my hair is growing? Lemme know 😬 cuz PART 3 of my rice water rinse is up NOW!! Link in story! 🥰
Song: @iamluckydaye - Karma 🔥

It’s FOUNDATION FRIDAY! Yet not only did I give you an 8hr foundation wear test, I gave you a FULL FACE routine using all @covergirl products! Watch my IG story & swipe up for the link! To all of my oily sistas out there, you DEFINITELY gotta try this new #CoverGirlFullSpectrum MATTE AMBITION foundation, powder & primer!
I’m shade “Tan Cool 2”
Lips: “Prodigy”

💎 Vegas Baby 💎
Post Backstreet Boys Concert! Let’s settle this debate once & for all, BSB or *NSYNC?? Whoever gets the most comments WINS! 😏🔥

Be with someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant. 😍 Who can relate? 😏 Such a yummy lunch w/ my beautiful #CurlFriend @justlikejackies. Are your curls more similar to mine or Jackie’s? Comment below!

How I look leaving Walmart when I don’t wanna pay 10 cents for a bag… 🙃😋 🚨 NEW FAV STYLER ALERT!! 🚨 The @nymbrands #CurlTalk Mousse is now SILICONE FREE and WOW! I’m in love. So in love that I had to give you all a full video tutorial showing you how I amazing my results are! Wash Day AND Refresh Day! *Link in bio* The entire Curl Talk line is now available at @Walmart! Have you tried the silicone free mousse yet? What’s your fav type of styler? Gel, Cream or Mousse? Comment below if you’re headed to #Walmart RIGHT NOW!  #nymIRL #ad

Attention Ladies & Gentlemen! The results are in! Did this rice water rinse make my hair grow in just 1 week!? 😱 Find out in today’s new video! Part 2 is now LIVE! Link in story & bio! If you haven’t seen PART 1, watch it now! Part 1: Brown Rice + Deep conditioner. Part 2: Jasmine Rice + Lavender Oil. What do you want me to try for Part 3!? Let me know! 🤗❤️ #RiceWaterRinse #HairGrowth

Guess whaaaat! You’re getting TWO curly hair videos this week! Tomorrow is PART 2 of my rice water rinse! Click the link in my bio if you haven’t seen PART 1 yet. Sunday I reveal one of my new FAV products!! (Remember my IG story where I showed you my amazing day 2 hair w/o refreshing!? Yea, THAT PRODUCT! ) 😬 Do you think my hair grew in 1 week!? What product do you think I’m using on Sunday!?! 😏😏 Comment below w/ your predictions! ❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING HUSBAND @rorobeckley !!! Thank you for being the most loving, generous & caring person I know. You are so talented & you share your talents with everyone you come in contact with. Thank you for always supporting me in everything that I do. Without you, there would be no “Bianca Renee Today!” , so because of your help, you’ve helped me reach people across the world & spread positivity & self love. I love you hubby!! ❤️ Let’s make Royce’s day by watching his SHORT FILM! It’s called “The Girl With No Brain” inspired by a TRUE STORY of a girl who was born w/o a brain! But of course, Royce being the writer & director, added a sci-fi TWIST! 😏 Watch it tonight & let us know what you think! Link in bio! I know a 👍🏽 & a comment from you will make Royce’s day, he worked so hard on this film and it shows! 🎥🎞🎬❤️ Follow @rorobeckley !

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