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I wasn’t given sisters in this life, so I’ve always chosen my own. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m an expert sister chooser. These are two of my favorites. Not sure how I conned them into letting me do life with them. Hands down best weekend I’ve had in a long time. P.S. the best pics were the outtakes, but the IG police (Cole) said “those would be funny if you weren’t a mom”. Sigh. #itsamatch! #imsorryifyoumissedourIGstories #imsorryifyouwatchedourIGstories

Oh, Utah. I forgot how much I like you and your bipolar weather. One weekend, 2 seasons; whole lotta bang for the buck. P.S. had to get a new phone....not sad about the one million percent better camera. #beautahiful

Food tour of Utah. I only embarrassed @vickidaines 7 times. Stops today included @swignsweets (my fist time) @hslrestaurant and then @goodlycookies👈🏻pretty much my heaven. There’s nothing better than warm cookies and a Tinder (Ok Mutual) takeover. If you have no life and 20 hours of free time...it’s all in stories. Also, I found a cat. Swipe left if you’re into that.

I woke up to a text from my dear friend, @shanalynnc, on Monday morning. It read: "Biggest mass shooting in US history last night in Vegas at a music festival a week after our boys were in Vegas at a music festival. Terrible stuff." I, like everyone else, have been sick about it. And then this.... Scroll through to read the article that pictures my three kids (Tanner is standing in front of Cole and Tyler), and their dad (Todd took the 3 kids, and Luke to the festival) front and center in the crowd. "Sending love and prayers" just doesn't feel like enough. Lots of discussions this week re gun control (I love people on both the far left and far right of this issue) and where we can improve. It's complicated....and I know it likely wouldn't have stopped what happened in Vegas.....but I'm still for making it harder to acquire firearms and accessories that are designed specifically to kill human beings. Loved @jimmykimmel opening monologue Monday night. Made me cry. And I want to cry looking at this picture....because I'm both grateful and pissed off. The end.

Local friends! Come eat a Krispy Kreme and then work it off planting about a gazillion* plants. 🌿🌿🌿 Bonus: we will ❤️ you forever. *rough estimate. 🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅 #bethereorbe◾️

First homecoming for my favorite daughter, @tyler.anne. I was working in San Diego all day and feeling sad to miss, but grateful for friends with photo skills (@catherinemeshkin 🙌🏻) and that Tyler knows how to do her own hair and makeup. Phew. Growing up way too fast for my liking.

Homecoming 2017. Last one 😢. First pic is the group he went with (his date is in the green dress)....other pics were with the friends he has gone with every year until this one. Glad he got some pictures with his regular crew too! Thanks @jessicahazen 📷

When you run the pep rallies at school (ASB tech), you take some liberties......#notanintrovert
PS. He knew his homecoming date was obsessed with this movie.
PSS. I wasn't allowed to come watch, so thx @butler_rulz for 📹.
PSSS. I wasn't allowed to post either....but then @cole__bates forgot to take his corsage and bout that I stayed up til 2am making after finishing wedding work. We agreed on my posting this and then shutting up forever about the flowers. Deal ✔️#butseriously #2am #silkribbon #🙄
PSSSS. The screen at the end says "Kristian, homecoming with you would be too good to be true"
PSSSSS. Go to @cole__bates page and watch his video from the hoco game. He's having so much fun doing alla the hype beast kinda things. Did I say that right, Cole? 😃🤓😜

Text I just received from @larajohnson1:
"Don't you ever. Ever. EVVVVERRRR miss Cole Bates at a varsity football game again. Watching Jonah as a sophomore on the varsity team doesn't even compare in entertainment. The best." / I'm coming next game @cole__bates and you'd better dance or do whatever type of shenanigans that you do. K. Thx. Bye. P.S. I posted this in stories and then realized I want to document the H out of their only year in high school together. Unfollow me or not.....but don't say I didn't warn you. #whiteout #momfail #workingmomprobs #currentlynotfittobeseeninpublicprobs

When I was 15, my family moved to Idaho; I think it's safe to say that I went all in. #ellen15 #ellendegeneres #1987 #idaholycrap
Alternate captions;
"Less is more"-said no one in the 80's, ever. / Go big or go home / Out of Africa.....unfortunately not out of hairspray / Favorite band: RATT / Have you ever seen a bigger tease? / Orange you glad I posted this? Feel free to add your own in comments.
#thanksimhereallweek #notevenclosetomymostawkwardstage #likebyamile

5TH. Last year of elementary school and he hit the jackpot with a great teacher and friends in his class! #stillheldmyhandwalkingin #haironpoint

FRESHMAN. Mom jeans ✔️. Braided belt ✔️. Shoes that will look like crap by tomorrow ✔️. Purplish hair ✔️. Totally awesome girl who's got this ✔️. #oopsyouforgotyourlunchalready

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