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High Adventure on Catalina Island for Cole. Girls Camp (they went to the temple on the way ...thus the dresses) at El Capitan for Ty. It's just Tanner and I at home.....with a 8 foot by 20 foot chalkboard to complete 😬😱😳😫🀑#prayformyback #andmysanity #deathbychalkboard

OK, promise I'm not going to post #stuffcolewears everyday (although you might enjoy it), but this is pretty special. My dad passed away while I was pregnant with Cole. He loved clothes. Particularly Ralph Lauren (borderline obsession). Yesterday, was my dad's birthday. He would have been 72. Today, while deep cleaning (like getting ready to sell your house deep cleaning), I found a box of fabric that I hadn't looked at for years. I did a quick check before tossing the whole thing, and found this pink, RL shirt of my dads. It was so him and I remembered saving it just because.....and kind of in hopes that someday, Cole might like it. I showed Cole my find and he immediately cut it into something he liked, had me steam it (my dad was probably begging for heavy starch from heaven) and ran out the door to a concert. Made my heart so happy I could cry. #kindredfashionaddictions

Do we really need a caption? Let's just go with #stuffcolewears. He IS pictured on the fashion page in the yearbook, so there's that. Seriously though, this kid is pretty da*n awesome. Cracks us all up, continues to be "the adult whisperer" and is constantly busy. Next up: senior year (nooooo 😒). #barelyletmetakethispic

When someone (@catherinemeshkin ❀️) takes a generation pic with a real camera, you must post it. Look it up. It's in the IG handbook. #alsodontmissmyinstastory #mymomandherdogneedcounseling #πŸΆπŸ™„πŸ—

It was a good day to be a kid around here. @natalie7nelson neighborhood does it right. Shaving cream wars with cans rigged for distance. β˜οΈπŸ”«β˜οΈπŸ”«β˜οΈ#overgramming #notdone #ignoreme

Last day of 4th vs. first day. Changes: a couple of inches, glasses,braces and the ability to deliver one liners that have us looking at each other like "did he just say that?" Things that have stayed the same: hair on point, excellent student, love of basketball, minecraft, and will rub my feet for cash. I think we'll keep this one.

I feel like she became a woman overnight this year. Wait, that doesn't sound right.....well, you know what I mean. Scroll to see her first day of 8th vs. her last. I'm so proud of this beauty. She's so ready for high school. I'm excited that she and @cole__bates get 1 year together! #howisshethisbeautiful? #biased #herlegsarelongerthanmine #andshessmarttoo #andfunny #icouldgoonallday #sorry #didimentionimproudofher?

Belated birthday dinner for @suzytmom. Proof that 50 is ridiculously fabulous. Pretty darn lucky to call her my friend. And now, off to fast and pray that my butt will be as perky as hers at 50.......oh wait, it never was. #sigh

Overkill....but @ashleeraubach photos appeared in my inbox and, well, I can't help myself. I can't get over these beauties (inside and out), especially that tall brunette in blush. #heavenhelpme

27 YouTube hair tutorial fails by mom and she's still smiling. I kinda figured it out but we may have reached our quota of πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.

8th grade dance bound. I thought they were supposed to look awkward. Not so much. Photographer @paulcook.7pixelsphotography

Happy 60th to the OG Marianne. Happy to be named after you even though they got our name wrong. Fun facts: 1. helped me develop a love for Taco Bell (and possibly fountain drinks) at a young age. 2. I couldn't say her (our) name so I called her "May May"; it stuck and her grandkids call her that today. It's an upgrade from "Big Marianne". You're welcome. 3. She will mimic/repeat what you say silently with her mouth while you're talking to her AS you're speaking....It's distracting and adorable at the same time. 4. She has a great laugh AND the ability to use it even when life is hard. You'll always be this 6 foot tall 70's babe as far as I'm concerned! Happy birthday Aunt May May! Love, Little Marianne (to my Instagram challenged family members: the dots mean to swipe left to see all the pictures.) #mymomisnowtappingherscreen

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