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Matteo Zamboni  My time here has ended. Don't waste yours.


This is the dream.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

Simplicity of a cold morning after a freezing night in the mountains.
Remember the feeling of my tired eyes, almost closed for the strong wind and the hazy light. Pure. Simple. Nature.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

An evening I will not forget.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

Grateful to my life and myself for the opportunities I'm taking and creating with the awesome people around me. Also thanks to @hinfluencercollective with the #creativesontherise contest, you guys are giving some strong inspiration to a lot of people. Let's see if I can compete with the talented people of this community.

The hazy light, soft dream.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

Tomorrow I'll be back here, sleeping in a tent for two days with friends and cool people I still don't know in real life, thanks to instagram, isn't that amazing?
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

The best time to go explore is sunrise.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

The Vision you have makes all the difference, so when you've been told that the life you're aiming for is impossible to achieve, don't be demotivated, they can't understand your Vision.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

Loving live, the freedom I feel inside when I'm in the moment, in front of the richest land I've ever seen.
A bird fly alone driven by the breeze, resting his wings. Silence, grass moved by the wind drifts like waves in the ocean. My deep breath set me free from everything but the connection with this world.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

Before starting I want to thanks the people behind @hinfluencercollective for creating this platform called The Hub and putting so much effort and investment into something that most people really wants.

Since I started my journey in the creative world I always had this desire to meet people with my passion and spend amazing time together having awesome experiences. The Hub created by @hinfluencercollective is a real possibility to finally get this dream come true, CREATE new connections and meet amazing people. Since I started building relationships on this desire, I talked with some amazing talented people that I appreciate so much but always through a screen. H i believe is the way to change that. I know that there are some more people that I've not DM or reached out with amazing talent and passion about photography. That's the people I hope to met once the Hub expands more and more. LET'S BUILD A COMMUNITY ALSO HERE IN NORTHERN ITALY. (Particularly in the Bologna area in this case)

Believer in hope, lost life.
#thecreatorclass #whatitalyis

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