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Hey my sugar plums💘 it's been a while but I've been traveling, meeting all my fans, as you know that's quite a lot😏 It's been a blast, but I have missed one particular person back and home. I've missed you @owen.millerrz and I hope we can pick up from where we left off I love you babycakes💘 its been great trying food from all over the place

Cheeky selfie for y'all 💘😘

Hey you guys I hope y'all having a fabulous day. I know I sure ain't ma family just got instagram😐 why. If yo wanna follow dem they're tagged on my beautiful face. Have a great evening my haribo minions 😋

This photo is for you @corbenelms I'm in love with you and I want you to love me too. I won't eat you like I ate my last boyfriend *gag* you look as tasty as a cherry pie and you're irresistible to me 😻🍟🍭

Hello cherries, how are you all on this grey day. I'm looking forward to today as seeing my lovely mince pies @amber.miless @hannah.odonoghue can't wait to see you girlies. We are gonna do some swimming then go shopping as boy is it hard to find clothes my size. But luckily I don't need swimming costumes because my body covers it. I save a lot of money being the size I am you know😉🍣🍝🍜🍟🍞🍩🍪😍😱Peace out fluffies

Hi guys it's fluffy here. My personal trainer is really chuffed with my weight these last few weeks ( jk I ate him) heard about a bit of trouble with some lads in science class today, abusing my name to a material. I know who you are @owennmillerrz @josh.blandford luckily my babes @amber.miless and @hannah.odonoghue defended my humanity. Better go now before I eat dem kidz yummy. Got to find a new personal trainer now ffs😒 🍭👬😡

My face when I see my stunning boyfriend, gained a lot of followers today. My gorgeous cherries. Hmm I'm hungry now...

Hi guys and gals of my beautiful fandom. How are you all doing today? So good to meet this lovely woman today. I downed the whole bottle whoops! Even the glass bit😏What can I say. Look at my size☺️Creds to @amber.miless for taking such a lovely picture. Thanks cherry. Speaking of cherries. I could eat a whole field of them right now.😜

My fun documentary I made💝Check it out

One of my first photoshoots💝🙅🏽

Hey guys and gals, MzFluff here. I'm the model from the United States. Looking for love. Dm me beauty's💝

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