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Lauren  Navigating chronic pelvic and back pain as a mom, wife, and hairstylist. 🥄SIJD/coccydynia/PFD/retrolisthesis 🔩🔩Bilateral SI joint fusion 4/20/17🔩🔩

It’s been awhile and I have an update..... This body of mine...it used to disappoint me so much. Whether it was too big, or too small, too lumpy, or too flat, i was never happy. Then #chronicpain and #sijointdysfunction taught me to shut the hell up. It quieted my vain, superficial critiques of myself with its squeals and screams. I realized how much more health is about how you FEEL, rather than how you look. Luckily I fought hard and shut up the screams of #chronicpain and truly learned a lesson in self love. Now I’m 11 weeks pregnant with TWO BABIES...yep TWINS...be as surprised as we were🤪 I’m honored to watch my body transform yet again, into a new beautiful shape. Each day I look down at my new round belly, I feel proud of every single battle for my physical and mental health that has led me to here. My back and pelvis feel great so far and after the first trimester/New Year I plan to head back to @pptphysicaltherapy to keep it that way as best as I can. My life is crazy, but I’m so lucky to live it! #chronicpainsurvivor #sijointfusion #rialtofusion #chronicpelvicpain #chronicbackpain #lifeafterinjury #pregnancyafterspinalfusion #fitmom #pregnancyafterweightloss

I have so much to be thankful for this year, and every single day. My tight knit, loving family is crazy, supportive, loving and beautifully blended like no other. My husband still gives me butterflies and treats me like a queen. My boys are growing up to be such fun, smart and GOOD little men who love mommy endlessly. I have a beautiful home, career, and group of loving friends. And this year, I HAVE MY HEALTH BACK! I was blessed enough to have a surgeon in Montana take me seriously, give me 4 shinny net new screws that stabilized my pelvis, in turn giving me a chance to earn my life back! I say earn because it was still hard work going to PT twice a week, stretching and strengthening at home, eliminating the pain pills and temporary relief, getting back to work and ultimately sorting out all the negative feelings that haunted me daily (still working on this one...PTSD is real!) This post is not meant to gloat, in fact it’s meant to encourage. If you are finding yourself in a rough patch, a difficult season, or just not feeling too thankful this year, I’m here for you and things WILL get better and you will have so much more to be grateful for...YOU MADE IT THROUGH THE STORM. Have a blessed and yummy Thanksgiving this year everybody 💕

This morning I woke up to see my pre-injury weight on the scale again! It’s been almost 18 months since my slip and fall and even longer since I felt this good. Between being sedentary due to severe #chronicpain and all the “conservative” treatment (injections, steroids, pain meds, etc) I underwent, I gained over 25lbs. After I finally received my long term fix, aka #bilateralsijointfusion, aka MIRACLE 🙌🏻, I️ finally feel like ME again. You won’t see me on any extreme obstacle courses or at the weightlifting bar anytime soon, but you will probably see me walking around the streets of La Habra happy as can be. I am so proud of and thankful for this body of mine. Carrying and delivering 2 babies, 100+ lbs lost postpartum, and now recovery from #sijointdysfunction, #chronicpelvicpain and #chronicbackpain...this body is pretty rad! 📷 cred: #wreckitrhys

Filling this sucker up is ever annoying but at the end of the week when we take empty, my body is thanking me! 9 weeks of consistently taking my vitamins and herbal supplements and I’m feeling fantastic!! No more daily pain meds or muscle relaxers, just good ol’ plants 🌱 and minerals ✨ Everyday I’m thankful for this #healingjourney, pill box refill day and all 💕

5.5 months post op and nearly 2 years since my last 5k, WE DID IT!!!! Thank you to everyone who has cheered me along the way, I think I can officially say I’m back in action! #sijointdysfunction #sijointfusion #rialtofusion #imback

When hubby asks if you want a cupcake from his office and you're trying to eat healthy and say no thanks, but you're getting sick and it's been a rough week, so he brings you one home anyway....THAT's love ❤️ thanks for knowing what I need when I can't even figure out what I want @zzzsmp! I love you 😘 #itwasSOgood

Update and PSA about depression and chronic pain...part 2

Update and PSA about depression and chronic pain...part 1

25 flights of stairs with my little while my big was practicing soccer. I was also able to volunteer in my son's 1st class today after having to give that up last school year due to #chronicpain. Guys, life is good over here. REAL GOOD. 🙌🏻✨💪🏻😍 #FINALLY #sijointfusion #rialto #recovery

I have literally not stopped all day! Tomorrow is my sister-cousins shower and I so excited but tonight I'm sooooo done 😴😵☺️ Off to dreamland💫 before #breakfastwiththebride 👰🏻🥂🍩🌸🌻

It's been a long few weeks. I'm back to my active and happy self, THANK GOD!!! I am so grateful to "be back" in a lot of ways, walking the kids to school, volunteering in my son's class, working 8+ hour days without pain, killing my workouts....but man how some other things (energy, stamina, emotional issues) have changed! I've realized how important self care is! Even though I didn't really have the time today, I snuck in PT and a workout and wow do I feel so much better! #thanksto4screws #rialtofusion #medtronic

Mermaid blanket and a movie with my love 💕 Thanks mom and dad for the date night and comfy blanket too!

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