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Monday feels 😉
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Did you know?
Your pelvic floor is actually an integral part of your core!
I had an unplanned (but non-emergency thank goodness) #caesarean birth with baby C in November.
And one of the first tests of my inner core-set the day after surgery was to do a kegel.
I lightly engaged my pelvic floor and felt some significant pain where my incision was above my pubic bone!
Two seemingly different locations in the body, but clearly directly connected.
If you have pelvic floor issues after giving birth, get a professional to test your core, or if you have diastasis recti, are you able to fully engage and RELEASE your pelvic floor?
It’s all connected!

I grew up in Canada.
I remember ONE school shooting in my entire life. One student was killed.
Gun control works.
It does not mean the government is going to come and take everyone’s guns away. 🙄
I know how to shoot. I like to shoot for target practice. That’s where it stops. We need to PROTECT our children. We need to make it HARD to access weapons designed for mass killing of people.
If your representative sits on their hands and refuses to push for common sense gun control, VOTE THEM OUT.
If they get money from the NRA, VOTE THEM OUT.
#guncontrol #protectourchildren

#Repost @kpphotoinc -perfectly said.
When you have to pee and all of the sudden you're holding your child.
Every birth is different.
There are tranquil births and births of crimson symphony.
Social media has finally lifted censorship on the world of motherhood over the weekend.
I sat for a long time and thought about that.
It has taken literal centuries of us fighting for birth to be sacred.
That there is nothing shameful, dirty or inappropriate about women.
That we have a right to see what our bodies are capable of without censorship or judgement.
The countless images that have been flagged as "pornography" or "offensive" are now a beacon to those who have every right to see everything that is them.
To those who were sheltered from truths about their bodies. Without even getting the slightest chance to understand.
To those told from adolescence that they CANNOT handle what their body can do.
To those who don't even realize that their voice is not only valid but paramount to their experience.

Maybe...just we will now begin a tradition of being fearless regarding our vulnerabilities.
Shameless about our vulnerability.
Intelligent about our vulnerability.
Capable about our vulnerability.
If I were a supporting part of the notion that birth is something to be censored, I would completely understand.
I would be afraid, too.

After seeing magnificent images flood my newsfeed the past few days ...damn.... there is nothing like women who demand their value.
We no longer need permission.
On a fundamental level though, we never needed it.

We were never meant to be censored.
Nothing about us or our bodies are shameful.

I love to break it to you.

She is fucking powerful.
Covered in blood.
Born in blood.

I'd fear her, too.

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Most of us use supplements of some kind. We can’t get all the nutrients we need from just the food eat because modern agriculture is stripping our food of vitamins and minerals. Did you know that food today is less nutritious than it was even decades ago? Add in all the over-processing and we’re eating a lot of empty calories.
As a mom, this presents a huge problem for me. How am I supposed to support a healthy pregnancy and my baby while breastfeeding for 2+ years when food just doesn’t give me enough nutrition? And all supplements are not created equal.
Until I found the RIGHT supplements, my blood work showed that I was deficient in a lot of stuff, despite eating a healthy diet. I was TIRED (pre-kids!). The supplements I was using weren’t working and I was wasting money.
Thankfully I found exactly what my body needed and vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a thing of the past. I had two healthy pregnancies and two healthy full-term boys with no tongue or lip ties! I feel amazing with the energy to be a full time mom, to play with my toddler, work my own business, and go to the gym or out on adventures with my family.
And this nutrition line in the photo supports me by filling in big gaps in my diet that food alone can’t fill!
I don’t want to sound like an infomercial over here so I don’t post “YOU need to buy this supplememt” *insert cheesy sales grin* type posts cause that’s not my style, but if you want more info, DM me. I’ve been using this entire line for over two years and it’s my favorite after years of using piles of other supplements, and healing my body to full-recovery-status after almost dying (brain injury, coma, broken body). I know what works and what doesn’t and I’m a stickler for quality and transparency.
I even know the women who developed the products and I partnered with this company as part of my business because it’s so damn good - you can get all the products through me! ➡️
🥑🥦 🌱🍎
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Oh hiiiii obliques.
And TVA.
And pelvic floor.
I left the boring set up at the beginning because how you set up for an exercise matters just as much as the exercise itself!
I get my body in position, shoulders, hips, knees, ankle of top leg, all in line.
Shoulder stacked over wrist (to start - you see how it doesn’t stay that way so there’s some compensation happening - I think my shoulder is strong and it’s trying to help me lift my hips because my core is still weak from having a baby! When I did this in the other side, I tried to think less about lifting my hips and more about picking something small up off the floor with my waist. Shoulder didn’t push so much!) As I get ready, I get in tune with my breath, feel my belly to make sure I don’t feel any coning or outward pressure from my belly button.
Exhale, engage pelvic floor, wrap my TVA, and lift my hips off the floor by firing my obliques.
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Care Messer, my first childbirth educator who helped me trust my body despite every that’s happened to it (which allowed me to have a 100% unmedicated, pain free birth!), and who ignited this passion in me for empowering women to pre and postnatal wellness!
And yeah, Hypnobirthing is the 💣
#mywholehealthy #wholemamafit
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Here's throwback from way back of Care @stingrayitup talking about what hypnobirthing is... Don't laugh! Her hair is just a little different and sound, you decide. But get ready better videos are coming!!!
**SEE THE FULL VIDEO AT: (copy link or find link in bio @birtheducationcenter)**

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In case you hadn’t heard... uncensored photos of birth are now allowed on Facebook and Instagram! 🎉
That matters because of what this image says.
Women need to and deserve to see what their bodies are capable of! Birth is amazing.

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As told to @aliyarrow for @harpersbazaarus 🙌🏼 happy Mother’s Day everyone! It’s been such an amazing weekend! Thank you all for your support and for celebrating with me. Seeing my feed full of vulva is exactly what i wanted for Mother’s Day 😉🌸💘🐱🎉🥂 __
#mothersday2018 #IGallowuncensoredbirth #empoweredbirthproject

Hats off to all women and their place in this journey of motherhood.

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Last year I posted this on (U.S.) Mother’s Day and saw it passed around quite a bit, so much so that many people unfamiliar with me and my work were posting it in places I would never expect it to end up, and on several occasions, the image was manipulated.

So, what was supposed to be an inclusive and sensitive image suddenly became exclusive and harmful. It was awful for me to see, but it was probably more awful for other women to see.

If “those who have chosen not to be mothers” doesn’t resonate with you or seems strange to include here, I warmly invite you to imagine what I might mean by that (I mean a lot of things) and why this day might bring up some complicated and painful feelings for such women. You’re not obligated to understand or relate, but I hope you will at least imagine, and carve a bit of space for situations you don’t fully understand.

A hot soaking bath with a mimosa in my treasured @novascotiancrystal flute from @jocemcboss 💕💕💕 after homemade cards and breakfast in bed, a Skype with my mum, and play time with my babies!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...
Life is beautiful 💗💝💖💕
#mothersday #gifts #gratitude

Have a wonderful day mamas! You are loved beyond measure.
#mywholehealthy #mothersday #wholemamafit

Especially with Mother’s Day around the corner.
Every expecting mom should know what real birth looks like and something that ALL of us experience should not be censored.
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THE PETITION WON!!!!! That’s right… #IGallowuncensoredbirth, with over 23,000 signatures, has been successful: Instagram AND Facebook have officially changed their censorship policies to ALLOW UNCENSORED CHILDBIRTH!!! We did it!!!! __
When I launched the petition in December 2017, Facebook was not a thought in my mind. When I got a phone call a month later in January from a representative of Facebook’s public policy team, I was informed that since Facebook owns Instagram and both are governed by the same policies, this change will affect both platforms. This is truly groundbreaking, world changing news! Due to the extensive process required to implement this change within FB/IG, there may still be some glitches (i.e. random/accidental censorship) as they train their global team of employees and modify their software to recognize ALL birth related media as acceptable content. I waited until now to announce this exciting news because FB/IG has been working hard to update their technology and decrease censorship before giving me the green light to share this with you. Dear @instagram @facebook… thank you!!!!! __
Thank you all SO much for your endless support of this cause. There is strength in numbers, and together we have achieved this much needed policy change. This is so much more than a single petition-- it’s the cumulative result of many people over many years advocating to end birth censorship. Together, we have birthed a major shift in the collective consciousness, and now we are free to share uncensored birth in its full expression of glory on two of the biggest online platforms in the world.
All of this just in time to kick off Mother’s Day weekend. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!!! Share this news everywhere! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We did it!
Love, @katievigos
#IGallowuncensoredbirth #empoweredbirthproject #thankyoufacebook #thankyouinstagram #birthcensorshipendsnow

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