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My Vote My Voice 

Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote! Take the first step towards electing the right people by getting your #PVC

The call has gone out, it's time again
To gather the masses on our nation's shore
To turn the tide on what has been past
And build afresh a crystal glory.
They say Don't Speak, They say Don't Move;
We have a plan, we control the air.
Society pays heed to their voice
And turns the nation asunder.
Injustice runs the street
Tribulation builds the town
The people wail for a rescue
But none ear tuned but to a wall. "What hath thee in thy hand?", a Wise Man once said.
A Ballot card, but not too worthwhile. "Nay, but it is thy Fishing Rod
To cast in the river of opportunities
That the one thou shalt draw up out
Shall give voice to rebuild the nation again.
Cast thou wisely,
For the people's glory speaketh from thy hand.". Ugonna Ibeanusi (@ugonnaibeanusi)

With your #PVC ,
#VoteOut what you don't like,
and #VoteIn what you like . That's the only way to.

Join the sway,
nothing should stop you.
You can make a difference.
Get your #PVC today, and enact your democratic rights
by giving power to the right people❗❗❗ #MyVoteMyVoiceNG

Don't just talk....
Don't just criticise...
Wake Up.....
Get your voters card

What does PVC stand for? ..... "Permanent Voters' Card"
Do you have one?

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