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Josh Evans | My Tropical Blues  Living an endless Summer 🌞 | @islandcouple 📍 Bali, Indonesia Co-founder @twinpalms.creative & @beachaccess_

On my way out for a toe wiggle...

5 mangoes for $2... tell him he’s dreamin’ (turns out I wasn’t haha)

Dodging the reef... it’s wave o’clock, cya haha 👋🏼

Always leaving with a huge smile after a beach day down here... 🌞

Looking for some shade from this tropical sun 🌞 (wanna to see the water angle?...check my older posts for the video)

Just got back 4 rolls of film... heaps of good memories from Summer in Southern California and the lasts couple of months in Bali #35mmfilm #canonae1

More tourists than you can poke a selfie-stick at 🤳... grab this beach bag from @beachaccess_

It’s a bit walk to get down to the beach but when it’s on I love this spot... most of the waves on the Bukit are lefts so I’m psyched when I get to go right ☀️

Longboard and trunks season is just around the corner back home so I guess I’ll be heading there real soon... can’t wait to spend summer with my fam & friends 🌞 #singlefin #longboardsurfing

I guess I have a give & take thing going on with the ocean because after this I pulled in a little too deep and my leash snapped haha #heybossyoubuynewleash?

Light at the end of the tunnel leading to a hidden beach... this clip is pretty symbolic to me; there can be dark times in life with twist and turns and you may not know where to go but I’ve found that following my heart always leads me down the right path and I end up on the beautiful beach that is happiness 🌞

the land of sunshine, surf and happiness 🌞

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