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mythreekbs  ♑️Kameron 29 + ♐️Haley 27, est. 2006 ♊️2009🦁@enderkwin ♈️2011🦋@kalibstyles ♎️2012🦊@thatlilfoxkristo #homeschoolers #mythreekbs ❤️ ⬇️YouTube⬇️

Kali ditched them tonight so these goofs piled into the ladies den (and later her bed lol) to watch some movies of their choice. If you know Kali, you know she’s very persuasive and when picking the movies that side of her really comes out. The boys miss her but I’m sure they’ve enjoyed a night off from Nailed It and Alexa & Katie lol #kwinciandkristopher #xenabwarriorprincess #gsd

Today I got to play some something for my kids that I myself hadn’t heard in over ten years. // They got to hear their daddy rip it over a beat and Kali was the first to KNOW it was him and this picture is from when Kristopher understood that it was kam and no lie, I’m so happy to have caught this magic on camera 😍 Kwinci was still a bit confused lol. // BTW I definitely teared up when Kali picked up on Kam’s voice so quickly. I’m a big baby when it comes to those two 👨‍👧// #mythreekbs

#kwincithephotographer is back at it again with Rhino along for the ride 😍 photo and edit by @enderkwin ❤️ #theacademyofexcellencehomeschool
Anybody have that kid that dreads school? Not “school” but like ACTUAL worksheet work? #kwincibernard is that child for me and if it’s not something he can DO there’s a high probability that he’s going to hate it and complain about it LITERALLY the entire time. Y’all I mean the. entire. effin. time.

But give him something hands on? And he FLOURISHES! He absorbs, laughs, and actually LEARNS! So school has looked a lot like this (and what you saw Kali doing in the last post) lately plus a whole bunch of reading and crafting. I sneak in worksheets here and there but I’ve loved watching them learn while feeling less pressured. And I think it’s funny that they are still doing school daily and don’t even realize it so they don’t even complain 🤫😂 alsoooo ... I got Kwin to write about taking this picture so I’m SERIOUSLY feeling in top of the world right now (aka Kwinci hates writing more than anything but is so wonderful at it, so I’m SO HAPPY I get to read something from his beautifully complicated Gemini mind 😍)

Y’all tell my daughter she’s not cardi b and needs to keep her tongue in her mouth 😂😂 I let her cook tonight by herself and she owned it. I love being her mama/home economics teacher 👩‍🏫 😂 #kalisass #thecookingwithkalishow <— that’s what she asked me to hashtag this with 😏

This is the picture I get when Kam tells them all to be serious 😂 @i_am_the_msjones Brayden was nailing it in every picture ... my kids not so much lol

Having boys in one picture. #mykbboys #kwinciandkristopher #blondie

It goes from completely unamused to completely way too amused for this years #nov26yearly #mythreekbs they aren’t gonna fit in the frame for much longer 😍

This is #PTSD. .
Tonight, I am thankful that despite an entire section being closed to everyone else, a Hostess kindly opened it for us and set up a server to come from their section all so we could enjoy a dinner out as a family minus the stress of being in such a noisy crowded place. I’m thankful that despite this typically not being the case for us that my husband still was willing to come out and celebrate my twenty-eighth turn around the sun. Twenty-eight feels pretty great so far with these four beautiful people and I am ready for whatever life has in store for us. #mentalhealthawareness #stopthestigma

I know he looks a little uncomfortable in this picture but he’s literally the happiest hamster I’ve ever known and if you knew me when I was Kwinci’s age you know I’ve know many rodents 😂 Rhino is literally the most laid back dude and we love his little hands so much lol.

The vlog from Kali’s first meet is up if y’all want to see it! There’s a link to our #youtube in our profile! Don’t forget subscribe while you’re there! We are so close to 5k and the kids are DYING to do the Q&A! #kalithegymnast #level3 #levelthreegymnast #kalisass

From the start to the end. I love them. #kristopherrernard

I’m behind in almost everything and I feel like It’s going to be Christmas before I get to the Halloween vlog or Kali’s first competition or .... I mean the list goes on and on, so I thought I’d post a picture from my favorite part of Halloween when I got to basically pelt my children with all of the candy I walked around to get with them 😂 #assholeparent #theylovedit #mythreekbs

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