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mythreekbs  ♑️Kameron 29 + ♐️Haley 27, est. 2006 ♊️2009🦁@enderkwin ♈️2011🦋@kalibstyles ♎️2012🦊@thatlilfoxkristo #homeschoolers #mythreekbs ❤️ ⬇️YouTube⬇️

My children are wise beyond their years in things that they don’t even understand yet and the beauty that they are and will become is more than I deserve. But this boy? More intuitive than many adults I’ve met and no matter what’s going on in his mind he checks on me as if I were the child and he’s the parent. “Just checking on you mama” is something I never want to forget him saying because more times than not has it saved me from myself. I’m not worthy of all of their beauty but so thankful for their love and caring hearts. #kristopherrernard #mentalillnessawareness #stopthestigma

Y’all I’m really excited to announce that Kali and I are going to be starting a YouTube for hair ONLY! mythreekbstv will remain our channel and @kalibstyles will be our one stop hair shop 😍 I have a one day three head wash routine already filmed, just need to edit it! The style that’s obviously hidden in this picture (lol) will be up on that IG soon ❤️ #kalimyranicole #naturalhaircare

#Homeschool kids be like ... #wierdandunsocialized 😂 they were playing their own version of tag, Kali was it #mythreekbs #childhoodunplugged

Tonight, some BET history is going to be made when our cousin makes his debut on BETs new show #hustleinbrooklyn and y’all need to tune in. We are so proud of you @randybowdenjr and no matter what anyone says (or does) keep shining cause #loveislove and that’s all that matters! We wish you and Marco the happiest of premier days and hope you’ll enjoy a drink for us all tonight 😏 NOW HOW ABOUT THIS THROW BACK 👶🏼👶🏾 little babies haha #kalimyranicole

Crafting with kids stresses me out but the benefits of project based learning are way more important to me. So I let them make a hella big mess, close my eyes, and enjoy their conversations ❤️ #projectbasedlearning #howwehomeschool #homeschool #theacademyofexcellencehomeschool #kwinciandkali

Wanna guess what they made 😆 ... they love making videos and they’ve been begging for this one for months! Still haven’t edited it but they sure did have fun making it! #mythreekbs #mythreekbstv #youtube #slime

He’s cooler than I am. I told him that I used to take my hamster to the movies with me in a little purse and he thought it was pretty funny. Check out our latest YouTube video if you want to see us getting Kristopher’s new little friend ❤️ #rhinothehammy #kwincibernard

Built in besties on and off the field. #cousingoals #kristopherrernard #peterpanonthefield

This boy turned six years old this morning around 6:51 (or 6:47 or 6:57 🤔 my kids liked to come at shift change when all the nurses were trying to get reports 😂) and he’s literally gone from big baby to big boy over night. He has this new attitude like ... IM SIX NOW I CAN DO IT and it makes my mama heart so happy. He’s my baby bird that isn’t even a baby anymore and I’m so blessed to have him on my journey. #kristopherrernard #happybirthday #birthdayboy #kristopherbytheyears #kristopherbythemonths <— go look and weep with me

Also, there’s a new video up on our channel of his birth story and a really funny birthday Q&A! Check out if your interested ( — clickable link in bio ❤️)

The bangs are so working for her and I love it. #kalisass #kalimyranicole #curlyhairstyles #cantucurlingcream

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