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vote on VS pics  Admins: Thanos (the one and only)

edit by Thanos
Tourney Battle: ----------------------------------------------------
Antman(Hank Pym) ----------------------------------------------------
Prep: none
Gear: Standard + Prep
Morals: off
Bloodlust: on
Healing: 100%
Location: Helm's Deep
BFR: off
Immortality: off
OP shit: don't be an ass.
Cheap shit: off
No Instant Kills
Pre-crisis feats: off (DC)
Pre-retcon: off (for marvel's retconned characters)
All can use any canon feats.
Win by Death or KO
All voting and debating allowed. Debate points will be based off quality not quantity.
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Sick Iron Man Edit by: @havokbattles

Random Battle Outcomes:
Robins VS Titanic
Winner: Titanic
IMO: Agreed
Defenders vs Rumple
Winner: Rumple
IMO: Agreed --
LOEG VS Immortal Weapons
Winner: Immortal Weapons
IMO: Agreed
Latios and Latias VS Ben 10 Crew
Winner: Latios and Latias
IMO: Disagree --
Black Panther VS Spiderman 2099
Winner: Black Panther
IMO: Agreed --
Green Lantern Fist Fight
Winner: Guy Gardner
IMO: Agreed
Fits and Simmons VS Oliver and Felicity
Winner: Oliver and Felicity
IMO: Disagree --
Incredibles VS Lab Rats
Winner: Lab Rats
IMO: Agreed but close
Ultron Prime VS Phineas and Ferb
Winner: Phineas and Ferb
IMO: Disagree slightly --
Autobots VS Superman
Winner: Superman
IMO: Agreed
Indiana Jones VS Jack Sparrow
Winner: Jack Sparrow
IMO: Agreed --
Thanos VS God WW and WM Thor
Winner: Thanos
IMO: Agreed
Were these battles cool? Should I do more? How's my edit of this badass picture?

#1 : The Young Avengers
These guys are the definition of underused and idk why some of them are so op, Stature having enough strength to knock down God Doom, Iron Lad being able to dip into the time stream like Kang and my favorite Noh-Varr having nega-bands more powerful then even Mar-Vells

#2 : Magic The Gathering Characters
I'd really like to get to know this universe, planeswalkers especially they have some really op abilities such as summoning, life absorbtion, high lvl telepathy and even time manipulation
Character I'd Like To Use: Liliana, Jace, Nicol Bolas

#3 : Ultron
This character is very underrated and I don't see why, he's the perfect combination of power and intelligence and should be used more often
Forms I would like to use are: Ultron 19, Phalanx Ultron

#4 : Pokémon
I'd really like to start debating with these guys they're really diverse and the ones I'd mostly want to debate with r ghost types, with phasing, hypnosis, soul manipulation and even sometimes hellfire or soulfire manipulation these guys become extremely powerful and very hard to put down

#5 : Weather Wizard
In my opinion Weather Wizard is most certainly one of the most powerful island busters and is definitely the most powerful weather manipulator at least around his tier even IMO surpassing Storm, his manipulation is so op he's capable of hurting Superman with lightning, slowing Wally with wind alone and is capable of creating tornadoes within people

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