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MythBusters  Welcome to the official #MythBusters Instagram!

@therealadamsavage talking about #MythbustersJr at #wired25 today!

Here's what @jesselawlessss (15) told us he misses most about #MythBustersJr now that filming has wrapped. (It's the perfect answer for the context: @makerfaire NYC!) #WMF18

#MythBustersJr finished filming a month ago. Here's what Elijah Horland misses most about being on the set. #WMF18

What does co-host Cannan Huey-You (12) miss most about filming #MythBustersJr now that the season has wrapped? He explained to us at @makerfaire NYC. #wmf18

At the #MythBustersJr panel during @makerfaire NYC, co-host @tech_nic_allie talks a bit about her background as a maker. #wmf18

What did the #MythBustersJr cast learn over the summer? Here are a few answers from @Elijah Horland, Cannan Huey-You and @valerie_mbj, during their @makerfaire NYC panel with @donttrythis. #wmf18

Here's a little snippet from the #MythBustersJr panel at NYC @makerfaire on Saturday. @therealadamsavage was VERY excited to announce this. #WMFNY18

‪Are you at @makerfaire NYC right now? Don't miss @therealadamsavage and his #MythBustersJr co-hosts’ panel at 3 pm in zone 4, fittingly on the "Coke and Mentos" stage. #WMFNY18

"We didn't do anything as remarkable as save the world, but our crew NAILED the #Avengers homage for this last shot of the #MythBusters reunion. And the shawarma was darned good too." -- @therealadamsavage

TIL @therealadamsavage collects old @mythbusters coasters in his shop.

"I had just started as an intern for Jamie when MythBusters started filming. Their first episode was Jet Car, and I really wanted to go to the shoot but I had to work my restaurant night job. After my shift, I drove all night. TOTALLY worth it." -- @therealkaribyron #tbt

Going to @makerfaire in NYC on Sept. 22? Don’t miss the #mythbustersjr panel with these guys! Yep, all the cast together on one stage! #wmfny18 @valerie_mbj @jesselawlessss @tech_nic_allie @beautyandbrainswithatwist @therealadamsavage

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