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MythBusters  Welcome to the Official MythBusters Instagram! The new season starts on Nov. 15 on Science Channel!

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‪Happy Monday! It’s back to work for these guys too. #MythBustersJunior

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When the @mythbusters decide it is time to stop by the bank and make a deposit. Testing the idea of blowing open a safe to retrieve the contents was awesome. Let alone the fact it may actually be easier than we thought!

Happy #nationalhighfiveday from #MythBusters! (Do you remember which episode this is from?)

Welcome back, @therealadamsavage! Link to story in bio.

Despite everything #dogs lick, are their mouths STILL cleaner than ours? #MythBusters has the answer. #minimyth

Can you push someone over with a feather? The gang's all here (@BSForgery @jonjuhanlung @tlynnr85 @sufficientlyadvanced ) to find out. Watch #MythBusters tonight at 9/8c on @ScienceChannel, and join them right here LIVE on Twitter too! (Well, minus @BSForgery. He's otherwise committed.)

Can you drive a car from the backseat with a cane? And can you REALLY knock someone over with a feather? @sufficientlyadvanced and @tlynnr85 join @BSForgery and @jonjuhanlung in Backseat Getaway Driver, premiering tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9/8c on @ScienceChannel.

On this #Football Sunday, which is also #PuppyBowl Sunday on @AnimalPlanet, we bring you the story of @bsforgery and his rescue pup @mythdogbo. #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop

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**A CALL TO ACTION** I am stepping WAY outside my comfort zone and hosting a science-based prank show entitled #Scijinx that will premiere this Spring on @sciencechannel & @discoverychannel My co-hosts, @tlynnr85 & @jason_latimer & I worked with some incredible science students and enthusiasts to put this together and would like to invite you to be a part of it by sending in your science-based prank videos. Do so by going to @sciencechannel and clicking the link in their bio. Have fun and please BE SAFE. #alcidebavaproductions

@mythdogbo would like to remind you that her fellow rescue pups can be viewed tomorrow on @AnimalPlanet's #PuppyBowl. Watch the pre-game and meet the players at!

Could you open a safe from the INSIDE? Do dogs look like their owners, or do owners look like their dogs? MythBusters: Dynamite Deposit premieres tomorrow at 9p on @ScienceChannel!

We just realized that 15 years ago this week (Jan. 23, 2003), #MythBusters first premiered on @discoverychannel. (!!!!!) #FF

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